Wednesday, May 30, 2012


With much excitement I write to tell you that The Wee Rudes has been viewed over 100,000 times.

The crazy part about it is that over four years ago when my sister Kelly brought up the idea of a blog I laughed. My Dad probably laughed too. I tend to break computers when I get near them so the idea of having a blog all my own was quite comical. Kelly (and my dad) reassured me that I would be just fine and to make things even easier all I had to do was to send them pictures of my belly and then my new little wee one and they would post them for me.

So that's how The Wee Rudes started. It wasn't until Quinton was over 6 months that I even did my first post, then little by little I realized that I really enjoyed blogging. A girlfriend and I were discussing what we would do with a whole night to ourselves, if we were *forced* to stay home and be alone. I'm pretty sure I would order some Pad Thai (and eat it all), rent a good chick flick and update the blog with the sweetest smiles I've ever laid eyes on. I really enjoy writing about the adventures that I have daily being a mother of 4 crazy kids and the wife of a man I'm crazy about. Basically, things get a little crazy around here.

It started as a way to keep my parents and sisters in the loop with Quinton since they all live far away and has continued to serve that purpose while also connecting me with so many friends that I don't see daily. People even know that my parents go with my kids from reading the blog. My parents were in Caribou one time and my kids and I were already sitting down and two fabulous girls stopped them to say hi to Nana and Papa from the blog. They were amused and felt pretty special.

Blogs are a fun way to get a little peek into people's lives. I really enjoy getting to read about friends and family's lives. It's a strange but cool world that we live in. It's amazing how connected you can feel to someone without ever even seeing them. I would hope though that someday each person that reads about my wee ones is able to actually meet them.

In their non-biased momma's opinion, They. Are. Awesome. Kids.

It would not be a blog post from me without some smiles. These were captured on my phone while eating our delicious watermelon snack this afternoon.

Rex makes my heart melt!
 Titan attacking the watermelon.
 Everyone enjoying their melon.
And this last pictures is from Caribou. Monday was buy one get one. So obviously it only makes sense to take advantage of that. Dan has been busy with Mission to the City (more on that to come) since Friday so since we were on our own. We got up and were there by 8:20 to score the big conference room, get some delicious scones and muffins and some fabulous drinks. Caribou is in my kids blood. We spent over an hour and half sipping our drinks, doing puzzles, reading books and playing cars. It was amazing and just what we needed.
I'm blessed to have so many precious memories that happen daily to write about and I'm thankful for such a fun way to document them. Enjoy reading!

Friday, May 25, 2012

The Water Part 2

My kids joy filled smiles make me happier than just about anything else. 
There were definitely a lot of those smiles in Arkansas. 

I love my Quinton. I can't even believe what a blessing he is. Look at this boy!
 Smiles from my Rexy.
 Even Titan is enjoying himself.
 I wish that I could have captured her face in these pictures.
 Beautiful Smiles.
And get this... on the last day Titan even let Nana hold him and managed out a little smile. If only we had a few more days he would have been his smiley, crazy, happy self.
This look is usually glued on Papa's face, a big huge smile. I love this picture of my dad. My kids always talk about Papa's hat so this picture is just perfect.
Lined up waiting for their snacks in between swimming.
Nana making their little Happy Hour drinks. Sprite and a little cherry juice with a cherry.
My family of 6 all floating in the water.
 My Titan and I.
 Rex floating around with Papa. Both were happy guys.
 The three brave free floaters.
Papa towing the kiddos. They swam around and around and around the boat so when they got a little tired Papa would tow them around.
This is how Rex felt the most comfortable, floating on Dan. He adores his daddy.
Trying a little free floating...
Quinn and Hannah swimming around the boat.
 Climbing back up for another jump off the boat.
 The McGargill's enjoying themselves.
 Quinn being the captain.
 My two favorite girls.
 Titan and I.
Not much more to report. Arkansas was amazing. Quinn asked me this evening, "How many days until Christmas?" I was bummed that my response to him was over 6 months. Counting down the days until we can fish off Papa's boat. So blessed by such a wonderful vacation. My parents are amazing hosts. Can't wait for Christmas in Arkansas.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Water Part 1

My three musketeers. 
There are some pretty amazing things about the three of these kiddos. It is fun to watch them encourage each other to try new things, take a chance. They definitely push each other and I love that about their relationship. When it came to the water it was no different. One would jump, two would quickly follow. One would jump, one would follow because Rex took a little longer to get the courage up, but he would be right there with them on the next jump. I feel so proud of the little people that these three are becoming.
Hannah joining the life-jacket crew! She was quite the jumper as well!
Titan did make it into the lake a few times, not jumping, of course but in our arms. It was still probably a little chilly for this liking. Although the water was amazing, 75 degrees, 76 degrees, 80 degrees on the last day that we were swimming.
It took Titan all of three full days to warm up to Nana and Papa and their house. In his defense there were a lot of new people and a new environment, but he was only content in mine or Dan's arms. My parents had a hard time believing me that he really is such a joy-filled little guy. By the fourth day, the day before we left, he even let Nana hold him without crying. Success.

Little does he know that Arkansas will be one of his favorite places to go.
Took way too many pictures. But I love getting the sequence shots.
Myla doing her thang...
Rex doing his fall....
Quinton being a crazy fish...
Papa and my pretty girl. I think a smile was glued to her face any time she was touching the water.
Rex hanging on tight. Although the most skeptical and nervous, he seemed to love being in the water as well as the rest!
Jill and Josiah. Jill is expecting their third, a little boy, the end of August!
Titan playing with some cups of water, mommy was close by!
Quinn and Myla loved the swimming in open water, Rex not as much. They loved swimming to Papa or Joe, or myself, they loved jumped off the boat and frantically swimming around it. They were crazy.
We spent many, many hours toughing it out on the boat.

Rex being the captain.
Myla embracing Titan in one of her tight neck squeezes. She is one good hugger!
He enjoyed the boat.
Another tight neck squeeze for her favorite guy in the world.
Nana and Quinn, probably learned about something cool while riding on the boat.
The McGargills. One good looking family.
Myla being captain while eating a sour gummy worm.
Dan, Nana and Quinn.
Proof, I was on vacation with my family in Arkansas.
In case you were feeling like you didn't seem enough jumping, have no fear, there is a part 2 coming! Just can't get enough of Arkansas.