Friday, August 20, 2010

The Sweetest Things!

This post is full of some of the sweetest things in my life!
I love my twins.
They love each other too!
The older they get the funnier they get!
The other night at dinner I was feeding them carrots and peas, which by the way is becoming more and more difficult as they discover the love of feeding themselves, but Myla thought that is was a good idea to spit them out of her mouth which then Rex thought was hilarious! A fun little glimpse into how much sweeter my life has been since these two have come into it!

I seriously cannot tell you all how much fun these three, although everyone has their moments these three are pretty happy kids. Bath time is getting easier again, Rex and Myla are not as anxious to get out but they enjoy splashing around with Quinn.

I like this picture... three big smiles!

Rex giving you a peak at his teeth!

Quinn showing you his goofy grin!
Myla holding her and Rex' favorite toy in the bottom right corner. Rex and Myla LOVE this little dog. They fight over it, take it from each other, hunt it down. It is always funny to see the toys that they pick as their favorite!The pool closes on Sunday so myself and a couple of friends decided to make the most of this week at the pool. We went 4 days this week and didn't leave until it started raining today! Dedication! Ever since coming back from Branson Quinton has been addicted to the pool! He has been jumping in, splashing around, running through the fountains, having the time of his life!

Quinn and his friend Levi (on the right) are curly hair buds. They enjoyed the pool all four days together this week!

Quinn and Levi even getting their faces wet!My friend Kate joined us at the pool! She got Quinn's stamp of approval as she let him dump water on her head, she climbed on the playground with him, taught his to go down the fireman's pole and went down slides with him. What a fun friend! Driving home I asked Quinn if he had fun, he responded with, "I really like Kate!'' I guess that means that he had fun!
So I might have gotten carried away with the video taking but I wanted you all to see that he really loves the water now! Oh what a different a summer makes. It is so sweet to see you children overcome fears, even silly ones of getting water in their face, and enjoy new things! Just the sweetest thing! I truly love Quinton, he brings so much joy to my life!

So no need to watch all three... I just wanted to share his love of water with you!

We have been on many walks this week! Quinn takes his scooter and the twins go in the wagon! We don't make it very far but everyone is happy! There is an apple tree at the end of our street that has gotten many visits from us recently!

Every time I look at a picture of Rex he looks so old to me... I think that it is the six teeth and lots of hair! Myla is up to two teeth!

Rex enjoying a day at the pool/park
Quinn on one of our many outings to the pool/park this week! He enjoys getting to jump off something at the park. I will say that each week the thing that he jumps off of at the park gets higher and higher! I might need to get some padded pants for him so he doesn't end up with bruises!

Capturing one of the many jumps off something!
Quinn enjoying our friends Jill, Josiah and Hannah. He is teaching Hannah how to do a thumbs up! One of the sweetest things is having friends that are so wonderful to share the adventures of life with. The McGargills are wonderful friends who we are so thankful for! They love the Lord, love their children and love any people that they come across. I am so blessed by my friendship with Jill!

One of the sweetest things is seeing your children play well with each other. The older that they get the more that Quinton enjoys the babies. He really loves having them come wherever he is just to have their company!I guess I just wanted you all to see that I really am around even though there are not very many photos to prove it!Quinn showing off his COOL new kicks! I found them at target for those of you that are wanting cool shoes for your kids! He wanted running shoes because Daddy has running shoes!

I just wanted to share my flowers with all of you! I have to say they are pretty beautiful! I like the variety of colors!

One of the sweetest things is watching one of your best friends become a mom for the first time. My dear friend Allie welcomed her daughter, Charlotte Sophia, into this world last Thursday morning! You can see more pictures of Charlotte on Allie's blog. I was so excited to go and get to visit them and hold Charlotte. Life is so amazing!

My life is filled with some of the sweetest things every day! Laughing, playing, jumping, new babies, so many wonderful things. Even the other night Myla woke up very upset in the middle of the night, I am thinking teeth, but I got to rock her to sleep again. Even though it was three in the morning I could not help but consider myself truly blessed to have such wonderful children, an AMAZING husband (who is the sweetest thing to me) and a relationship with the God of the universe! I hope you enjoy some of the sweetest things in my life!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Branson with the Rude Family!

There are THREE new posts so keep looking after this one!

After a couple of days with my parents and a day by ourselves all the other Rudes got to Branson. We enjoyed some relaxing family time with all of them. Even though we all live in Des Moines you don't always get quality time together so vacation is always really good for that!

Dan's brother Jason and his girlfriend Amanda (who is so wonderful!) and Dan's brother TJ and sister Jessica watched our kids for us so that Dan and I could have a date night. We enjoyed our time alone and our kids enjoyed their Aunts and Uncles.

Uncle TJ, Quinn and Aunt JessDan and Myla enjoying some cookies!
We all loved going to the pool but especially James and Conner, Dan's youngest siblings. Conner is three and James is two. It was a good thing that they were wearing the suits with the built in life jackets because they are active little boys and love jumping into the pool!
Jess, Myla and Amanda

Myla and Rex taking a snack break

Myla looking tanFor most of this trip Quinn wandered around the outside of the pool, occasionally dipped his feet in, would toss a ball in and then cautiously walk into the water to get the ball. And then something happened... not sure what but my cautious little boy turned into a jumping fish. He seriously jumped a hundred times. We were at the pool for over two hours and I don't think that he stopped jumping the whole time. It was so fun to see him like the water but Dan and I were just a little sad that it was the last day when he finally felt comfortable in the water. Still a fabulous time!

Quinton jumping to Daddy

Quinton jumping in the big pool to Amanda!

Quinn became obsessed with his hat while on vacation because he wanted to be like Papa. The funny thing is that he pulls it so far down that he can't see but insists on wearing it that way... silly boy!Rex looking so old!

We took a Rude family Duck ride. The Ducks are the things that can go in the water and on land. It was a fun time but HOT. We went around 5:30 at night and it was over 100 degrees. SO HOT!!

Myla and Aunt Jess
Daddy and Quinn.
Lucky for us everyone on board got duck quackers!

The only documentation that I was actually on the trip! Dan is always willing to take them for me but usually I forget and just want to capture the moment.
I enjoyed a hot sweaty snuggle from Rex
All the little kids got to drive the duck! Quinn was the first...Conner next...
And Hudson too... the Rude boys are good drivers!

Overall we had a FABULOUS TRIP! Our kids always seem to adjust well to new places, long car rides and lots of changes. We are very thankful for that and it makes traveling and vacation very wonderful. The weather was great and I always LOVE family time. I am a very blessed woman. I have an amazing husband who loves me, three beautiful kids and two great extended families!

Dan wanted to relive his childhood and we bought buggels on the way home. Dan was excited to show Quinn how to put them on your finger and then eat them. Quinn thought that was awesome!

Branson Golfing

Dan and I took Quinn mini golfing.
Rex and Myla enjoyed the ride along as I fed them ice cubes because it was around 100 degrees.
Quinn loved golfing and did about as well as you could have imagined a two year old doing. The funny thing about Quinn is that he likes to do everything himself so he did not want any help in golfing. He did however do pretty well on his own!There was a ground hog on the course. The people that work there said that he is always wandering around...

It was dino golf which made it even more fun for Quinn!

Do you think that we have a future professional golfer on our hands?

Quinn and Daddy giving a pink cheeked thumbs up!

Rex and Myla did unbelievably well despite the heat. They really enjoyed ice cubes!

Have a mentioned before that I love my children!

Branson with Nana and Papa

We enjoyed a fabulous family vacation in Branson, MI last week. It was amazing weather and lots of fun company.

My parents, Nana and Papa, drove up to meet us and enjoy a few days with us. It was a fun time for all. I think that my children enjoyed all the extra attention and Dan and I enjoyed putting our feet up a little more!

Nana and Quinn enjoying some ice cream
Papa and Rex sharing some ice creamMyla enjoyed some too!

Quinton's and my favorite part was the sprinkles

Ice Cream got a double thumbs up

Walking around with DadNana and Papa got to practice some of their fort building skills. I think that they passed! Quinn loved it!

Papa got invited in the fort!

Rex enjoyed all the

Quinton trying out the pool
Quinn sure thinks that his Nana and Papa are lots of fun. Just a little taste of the giggles they experienced