Sunday, February 28, 2010

Visits and Visitors!

Well, next week I will be the mother of two six month olds, and next month I will be the mother of a two year old. I can't believe how fast time flies when your busy running after three little ones.

Quinton officially climbed out of his crib this week. He was sleeping in his bed at night for a while and then decided to switch back to the crib. The other morning I heard him stirring on the baby monitor and the next thing I heard was him trying to open the door. I went down stairs only to find him with a huge proud smile on his face. I put him back in the crib and asked him to show me how he got out, and just like that he did it again and the proud smile crept back onto his face. My little boy is growing up. I guess that means that I should probably work on getting him back into his big boy bed. It is time, especially because the babies are consistently sleeping through the night. They have been for about 6 weeks now but wake up for an occasional pacifier and the thought of going downstairs multiple times in the middle of the night to give them pacifiers does not should like too much fun to me so I have kept them upstairs.

Quinn and Rex just woke up and are enjoying some brotherly bonding in "Daddy's chair," as Quinn would call it. Grandma and Grandpa Rude gave us "Daddy's chair" for Christmas. It has been a nice addition to our living room, great for reading books, cuddling and napping!Quinton decided that Rex needed a little color in his life so he added some colorful dots in the bathtub!

Quinn enjoys climbing into the babies cribs with them when they wake up from their naps for a little cuddle time with his brother and sister.
The boys in "Daddy's Chair"

Quinn, Rex, Myla and myself made the drive up to Minnesota to visit Aunt Kelly (she met us in MN), Aunt Dana and Uncle RyRy for the weekend. Quinn and the babies got spoiled with lots of love and attention. He enjoyed the playmates. Always fun to have a sister weekend.

Quinn and Aunt Dana made cupcakes for our birthday celebration! He enjoyed helping with the sprinkles and the eating!

Rex and Myla, looking sweet as always!

Myla and Aunt Kelly... what pretty blue eyed girls!
Myla's eyes are so so blue. We are guessing they will stay that way!

Quinn got to open his birthday presents. He was excited about Mr. Potato Head and some summer presents (chalk and bubbles) that he received.

Uncle RyRy won him over with his guitar. Quinn could dance, play guitar and drum all day long! The boy loves music!"Jammin" together

Bath time babies!

Nana and Papa are visiting right now. We are enjoying their visit as always. Quinton never lets them sit down. He LOVES his Nana and Papa, and the babies enjoy the extra arms to cuddle them! I will have more pictures and news to come, just wanted to give you a few pictures to enjoy!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Talking, Talking, Talking

The babies enjoy watching all the action!

Our House is NEVER quiet these days. Rex and Myla are "talking"constantly and Quinton is always picking up new words and phrases! The babies both make the cutest noises. The other day driving home from church Dan and i were discussing what we wanted to get for lunch so Dan was listing our options, not knowing that Quinton was listening until he chirps in and clear as day says, "Chinese food"... it was so funny. Quinn is putting words together and constantly asks to do things "too." While changing the babies he asks "diaper too?" when he has his slippers on he will say "Daddy or Mommy slippers too?" when singing and playing the guitar he always makes sure that his friends or Dan and I have a guitar "too." He just wants to make sure that everyone is being treated equally! Funny little boy!

Here are some videos to enjoy of my talking babies... I know that they are not super exciting. I just wanted you all to hear what we get to listen to every day!

Rex and Myla are just so much fun and so so funny. They love their brother and Quinn enjoys tickling them with us. Getting them to giggle is now a daily thing. Everything continues to go straight for their mouths and drool constantly flows out. I think that every piece of clothing that I own has baby puke or drool on it... they have made their mark on me!

Dan had set Rex and Myla up to watch him and Quinton play, eventually Myla tipped over and landed on Rex... a picture perfect moment!

I'm wondering if anyone knows how goldfish end up in Quinton's diaper. It always baffles me when I go to change his diaper (taking into consideration that he is wearing a onesie) and I open it up to find goldfish or a grape or playdough. It is a mystery how it ends up there but always makes me laugh... has anyone else experience such a thing?

Dan and Quinn playing in his room... his favorite place to play!

Quinn continues to be such a help with the babies and the babies are very patient with their brother. Quinn is trying to help Myla with her bottle... the only problem is that he was tipping it the wrong way, but the help is always appreciated!

Quinn has gotten a little better around the snow. He now likes to "walk please walk" from the car to the house. He has helped Dan shovel twice but still refuses to wear gloves... even gloves that fit well. He prefers to go without. He brings out a big plastic kitchen spoon to help Dan "Shovel!" He sure does love doing everything that Daddy does. I decided to bring a little show inside and let him use his trucks in it. He enjoyed using his digger on the snow!

Being goofy!
The word of the week that makes his burst out laughing is "Yucko". He had a booger one day and I said "Yucko" and he thought it was hilarious and every since then "Yucko" sends him into giggles!

We went to meet Clifford at the mall last week with some friends, they read a story and then the kids got to meet Clifford! Quinn would not stop talking about Clifford and "high five high five" because he gave Clifford a few high fives. He could not wait to tell Dan about it and loves looking at the pictures of Clifford!
We were wearing some new head bands from a friend... Quinn decided to wear his like a rocker. They were a good look while we played the guitars!
Rex being sweet!

Myla getting clean!

Rex in the bubbles!

I can't believe that the babies are almost 6 months and that Quinton will be 2 next month. It's pretty amazing how fast time flies when you're having fun! Dan and I sure do love our Wee Rudes!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

No Coat Needed!

I decided that I don't need a winter coat, not because it's so warm here in Iowa but because any time that I go anywhere with all three kids it is a work out and I usually end up sweating. I love going to friends houses, church, music class but it definitely ends up being a work out. I sure do love getting out and about though. Twice this week we have been ready an hour before we needed to go anywhere which resulted in meeting Dan for breakfast before church and getting to hang out with my friend Anna and her girls before music class. Getting myself and my three beautiful babies out the door has become less of a challenge and more of a routine. Quinton even likes to "help" get Rex and Myla in their seats.

I was trying out our new bathtub crayons!Rex and Myla continue to melt our hearts and their personalities emerge more every day. They both giggle now and are always full of smiles for everyone. They are both so much stronger, I like that I can hold them on my hip without head support although Myla is still a little small to hold that way. They both love to watch the chaos of Quinton running around, they love listening to Dan and I make up songs so that Quinn can play the guitar, they love being next to each other and they love grabbing any toy in sight. They are becoming more and more fun!

Dan put Myla on top of Rex like this but I'm thinking that this is a sign of whats to come in the future. I think that Myla will pick on her brothers and I think that she will be right in with them while they wrestle and play around. She's going to be a tough one! Rex didn't seem to mind at all that Myla was squishing him!

Myla looked a little stunned at first!Quinton enjoyed my spaghetti and meat balls for dinner... can you tell?
Quinton has a huge love for books and notices every little detail in them. His words are getting clearer and clearer. It is so fun to teach him new words and to seem him remember them.
The twins are enjoying the book as well!
A new indoor activity is shaving cream! I needed to get dinner made so I put some shaving cream on the counter gave Quinn some trucks and it kept him entertains for a while and I got dinner made and the kitchen cleaned up. It is not the cleanest indoor activity but he sure did smell good after!

Myla got her first pair of shoes the other day. Some cute pink boots with a little skiing bunny on them. Quinn had a pair of brown boots like these last year and wore them every day so Rex is in Quinton's old ones and Myla got new pink ones!

Hanging out in the bumbo chairs. Look at these strong babies. Myla still needs some support under her otherwise her head barely makes it over the top of the chair. Bumbos are helpful for older brother watching!
Quinton has started napping and sleeping at night in his big boy bed. But he has also discovered that he can get out of bed. He is almost always really good about laying down for his naps but one day I heard him playing after I layed him down a little while later I went to go check on him and this is where I found him... I could barely open the door!
Quinn putting chapstick on himself!

Two babies in the bath!

Uncle RyRy and Aunt Dana got stranded in Des Moines when they closed 35N. It was fun for us though. Quinn enjoyed the extra playmates and the babies enjoyed the extra arms to hold them. A fun family evening!

Quinton's BFF is Leighton! These two boys play incredible together. They love being around each other and Quinton asks for him multiple times a day. I think they will grow up to be great friends!
Dan celebrated his 26th birthday the end of January. We had a fun date night of Chinese food and Avatar (it was much better than I expected). I am thankful for the incredible husband and daddy that Dan is. Our kids adore him and I adore him... Happy Late Birthday Danny!