Thursday, January 15, 2009

High Five!

Quinton is learning many new tricks but our favorite it he has learned how to high five! He doesn't understand that he needs to actually put his hand up to ours but he gets the hand up and we finish the high five off! Also crawling is still a skill he can't quite master. He is getting quite good at moving backwards and in a circle but the whole forwards motion has got him a little tripped up. He also likes to go on his hands and toes. He usually holds the position for longer than the video below but you'll get the idea. Maybe he will never crawl and just walk on his hands and toes... we will keep you posted. We think he gets an A for effort but you can judge for youself.

High Five Videos

Crawling?? Videos

He's a Trooper!!

Quinton was quite a trooper over Christmas vacation. Dan, Quinton and myself made the ten hour drive to Arkansas to celebrate with the Miller Family. Papa, Nana, Aunt Kelly, Aunt Dana and Uncle Ryan all were waiting for us when we arrived. We are getting the drive down pretty well, driving mostly through the night. We had pretty good weather, great food, lots of relaxing, walking, golfing, kayaking, played lots of games and just enjoyed one another.

Everyone all dressed up for church!

Quinton enthralled in the wrapping paper and festivities!

Our next stop was Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri for a 4 day annual conference called Faithwalkers. Once again Quinton blew our minds with his ability to go with the flow, take naps in his stroller, be passed around to all of his adoring fans, and just be a joyful baby. It was a wonderful conference, great and challenging teachings, wonderful worship and a good time of fellowship with our church. Our church had over 450 people attend the conference. We are excited to see what the Lord does in Des Moines when we all put what we learned into practice. A really encouraging time for everyone.

Quinton was about to pass out in this picture... but still being as sweet as always.

Just hanging out!

We drove through the night back from faithwalkers and got home early in the morning on the 31st. We arrived home to a broken furnace and no electricity upstairs... what a welcome home present. After many days of losing our minds both are fixed and working flawlessly... keeping our fingers crossed! We went to a New Years Eve Black and White party. I enjoy themes when I don't have to go out and buy any new clothes!
Ashley is on the left holding her daughter Abigail. Ashley and Abigail live with Dan and I and are truly a blessing to us. Molly and her son Asa are on the right. We are blessed with some great friends!

Our Family!