Monday, February 27, 2012

Favorite February EVER

I'm pretty sure that I can't remember a February that I have loved as much as this past February.

I barely had anything to complain about regarding the weather.

It has just been fabulous. I love not having to trek through the snow to get into places. It's always a challenge carrying a car seat while trying to hold 3 wee ones hands to keep them from slipping and sliding. We have made the most of the warm weather playing outside a lot. It was even warm getting into my car the other day after it had been sitting in the sun. Oh it was a beautiful thing.

I enjoyed celebrating my birthday yesterday with my five favorite people. I walked into the kitchen to a huge box.... MY DEEP FREEZE!

I realize how old I'm getting when I get excited about a deep freeze from my husband, but I love it. I was so excited. The ironic thing is that when my mom brought me home from the hospital 27 years ago my dad gave her a freezer. I guess life comes full circle. Oh the things I get excited about these days sure have changed but I wouldn't change a thing about it.

We enjoyed a family dinner at On the Border. My children each consumed more chips than one would think physically possible. They for sure belong to me! Wonderful dinner and back home to wrestle, run and set up my birthday present.

We enjoyed a bath tonight and I couldn't resist taking pictures of these sweet faces. A very common phrase I hear these days is, "Oh Titan looks like his Daddy." I always find it difficult to figure out who my kids look like. I think their personalities are so different that it's hard to get past that.

So, does he look like his Daddy?Oh I adore him.Titan's eyes are still changing. Do you think they will go all brown like his brothers? The big boys eyes changed until they were almost a year, so we will keep watching Ty's eyes.Titan loves to try and grab things from the ledge of the big tub. He tries to pull himself up. I think it's only a matter of time before he starts to get into all the three musketeer's stuff. I have a feeling I'm going to have to intervene a lot more often as his movement catches up with his curiosity. It's a good think that his siblings adore him. Get ready to see some beautiful eyes...Sad eyes...Mommy said something funny... Happy Eyes.My oldest brown eyed boy.My blue eyed babe.She's my girl.She is so delightful.We loved this February. It definitely got us in the mood for spring. I loved getting to celebrate my birthday with my five favorite people. I'm so thankful for another amazing year. Blessed and thankful.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Pajama Party

Dan and I went on a date yesterday afternoon and through dinner. When we got home there was a box of clothes on our front steps. THANK YOU YVONNE.

Inside that box were a lot of wonderful things but the most prized item in the box was


Yes, Spiderman Pajamas for my one and only oldest. And let me tell you, he was so excited. The only problem is that my sweet second son was feeling a little left out. So I began searching through their drawers for something to fill the superhero void in his life.

I was successful.

I found a transformers pajama shirt, I found another (12 month) spiderman pajama set with two different bottoms, and an old pj shirt of Dan's in similar colors.

So we had a superhero pajama party. Titan is spiderman, Myla in Dan's old basketball pjs, Rex in a transformer shirt and 12 month spiderman bottoms (they were more like super tight shorts), and Quinn in his new spiderman pajamas. The fun thing about Titan's spiderman pajamas is that all four of my kids have worn them.

Quinton Daniel broke them in.
Rex Michael excitedly wore them next.Then came Myla Jane.And finally Titan Timothy.I mean what a stud!
His siblings were so excited for him to be wearing spiderman pajamas. Although he didn't sleep in them he sure looked like part of the gang decked out in them.Yes, I did say above that Rex squeezed into 12 month bottoms. It was either that or have his eyes melt your heart as tears flowed from them. I choose to squeeze him into the pants. He didn't sleep in them but was very please to be sporting something spiderman along with his brothers.And of course sunglasses were a must.Myla just seemed pleased to be wearing similar colors. She often surprises me and seemed just fine not having Spiderman on. Dan, as always, was able to convince her that she looked just fabulous wearing his old pajama shirt. It was a little big but worked just fine.And again sunglasses were necessary.And our newest superhero pajamas. He seriously spent the evening walking around like he was hot stuff. He even asked me if he could wear them to church today.

Flexing is a must.My four superheros. Perfectly precious brotherly love.
Attempting to recreate one of my favorite pictures of all time when Quinn, Rex and Myla were lined up in their diapers. Although now it's even cuter adding our fourth blessing. We are blessed in so many ways. Thank you Yvonne for sharing all the wonderful clothes with us. We have been on the receiving end of many people's generosity with clothing for our wee ones. So blessed to be surrounded by so many wonderful friends and so blessed to have 4 superheros to protect me!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Always Delightful

The always delightful Nana and Papa came for a visit a few weeks ago. Thanks to my Aunt's birthday they decided to come north in the middle of winter. I think it only confirms in their minds that they will never live in the mid-west again. Despite the snow and cold weather we had a wonderful time as always.

It had just snowed over the weekend so building a snowman was a must. Since I had my hands full holding Titan (a perfect excuse to not have to dig into the cold, wet , white stuff), Papa stepped up to the plate and attempted to build a snowman. The snow however was not great for snowman building so the shape of the snowman is rather sad, and the bucket shaped head made him look a silly but my wee ones didn't seem to mind and after putting many stick arms on him we decided to call him snow robot or bucket head.

They didn't seem to care what their snowman looked like and enjoyed the opportunity to be outside with Papa. They even tried out the swing set in the snow.
Everyone working together.I'm not sure how Rex has the strength to keep his eyes open so wide all the time. His eyelashes must weigh a ton! I'm pretty sure all the ladies are going to be jealous as he gets older. Just another reason why his eyes melt your heart. Quinn with a huge "arm" for the snowman.The snowman building gang.We enjoyed a fabulous day at the Science Center of Iowa. We had never been before and I thought the extra hands would make for a fun time for everyone. We went on Tuesday so Dan was with us so all my wee ones had someone to help them build a rocket, do the huge bubbles, build a lego car, look at all the snakes. My kids had a blast, it was such a fun place to go and explore. They keep talking about the rocket launcher. Quinn keeps telling me we should get one in our house.

Papa, Quinn and Myla looking at the snakes.Rex and Nana. This snake was moving the whole time we were exploring this room.Nana teaching them. My two favorite girls.Trying out everything.Titan was a trooper as always. And oh so handsome. It was necessary when Nana and Papa were here to make a few stops at Caribou. I do it all for the sake of them, they are not blessed with a Caribou in Arkansas so we make the sacrifice and pack everyone up to enjoy a delicious Mocha. My kids enjoy the coffee shop treats, games and coloring with Nana and Papa.

We had such a delightful time with them. My children are counting down the days until they come back the end of March. We love our Nana and Papa time. We are so blessed to have them in our lives and so thankful that the distance doesn't keep us from seeing them often!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day

Growing up with three daughters, my dad always made us feel so special on Valentine's Day. Every year we would get a new necklace and a card from him. It would be sitting at the breakfast table for us to open when we got up. I always loved those necklaces. My dad did and continues to do such an amazing job at loving his girls.

On Tuesday Dan made his girls feel pretty special as well. He got Myla and I each a rose. He brought me a delicious mocha from Caribou (best gift ever!) and a card. And had a special card for his little princess complete with sparkly fairy stickers.

She was OVER THE MOON. She seriously thought that she was the most important person in our house the whole day. She made sure that everyone she talked to on Tuesday knew that she got a flower from her Daddy. Her brothers did a fabulous job at being excited for her and making her feel special as well. I used Valentine's Day as the perfect excuse to buy her the best and most fitting skirt for this twirl loving daughter of mine. The only appropriate thing to do while wearing her new skirt is to TWIRL...And TWIRL...And TWIRL some more....There is nothing she likes better these days than dancing and this skirt is ideal for it. She has worn it almost constantly this week. We have to convince her to take it off to put her pajamas on at night but she has insisted that it be next to her bed. Best skirt every!Rex is quite the dancer himself. He can't hear music without getting his shoulders moving. His favorite song to sing is, "Jingle Bells. Daddy smells." He breaks that song out regularly throughout the day.

Bustin a move.Valentine's Day was so sweet thanks to my wonderfully amazing husband. I don't think Myla has ever doubted her Daddy's love for her but she definitely soaked in the extra love and attention. We truly are some loved girls here at the Rude house. Blessed beyond words.