This is Dan.
What do I even write about the most incredible man that I know.

We said "I Do" in June of 2007 and I have loved every minute of being Dan's wife.

Dan is the most God fearing man that I've ever been around. He lives to please the Lord with his whole life and I'm blessed to be right by his side as he does that. He is a pastor and leads our church with amazing passion. I'm not sure that I know anyone who has such a vision and ability to follow through with his ideas in such a god honoring way.... hmmm, I wonder where Quinn get's it from.

He is an incredible, let me repeat, INCREDIBLE Dad! I'm amazed daily over his ability to go go go all day at work and then go go go when he gets home. His 4 biggest fans won't leave him alone if he is home. He is constantly coming up with fun games, cool tricks, an amazing jumps for our kiddos. He adores our children, is so patient and loving. I LOVE loving our children with him.

Dan is my best friend and the love of my life and he is ALL MINE! He is so good to me, always doing whatever he can to bless my life. I'm pretty sure that he never has time to think about himself. He spends his days laying down his life for the Lord, me, our kids and everyone around him. I am honored to be his wife.