Monday, August 22, 2011

The State Fair

Before I tell you about the Fair, take a look at this beautiful baby!
There is nothing sweeter than holding this little boy. These pictures all might look the same to you but they each capture a little different face.
I love looking at all of them!
Titan, as always, was amazing at the Fair
We went to the Iowa State Fair last night with our friends the McGargills.
It was the last day of the fair. We got to the fair around 5 after our Sunday naps and enjoyed some animals, dinner and people watching. It was plenty of time for us and plenty of time for my children. We went to the petting zoo, the fish tanks and saw all the baby animals. We ate some greasy food and felt a little sick afterwards. It was a beautiful evening and Dan and I both agreed that a couple of hours at the fair was plenty of time for us.

Our first family picture with Titan in it!
(he looks a little cross-eyed)
Our friends the McGargillsQuinn and Hannah riding a little cow in the hands-on part of the kids exhibit
I took advantage of having someone around to take some pictures with me in them.
My handsome husband and I
At the end of the kids hands-on exhibit they got popsicles!
Our kids were thrilled!
They all are getting so big!Joe and Jill
My children are experts at getting filthy quickly! They enjoyed planting seeds and harvesting them and of course putting dirt all over themselves!
Fun family evening with our friends.
I can't stop looking at the first few pictures of Titan... I hope you enjoy watching him grow. He will be three weeks tomorrow. I just want to pause time and soak it all in. I don't want to miss a thing about the baby stage. He is napping on my chest right now. I just can't get enough of our little man!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

90 Seconds

Approximately 90 seconds was all it took for my two oldest to accomplish this....
and this... (check out her pretty neck)We were doing some watercolor painting on the deck today. Titan had been enjoying the great outdoors but was getting sleepy so I took him inside to put him in the swing for a nap. Our swing is only about 10 feet inside our house from the deck. I literally walked inside, grabbed his pacifier and blanket and put him in the swing only to go back outside to some beautifully painted faces. My guess is that the whole process only took 90 seconds.

Quinton especially was extremely proud of his painted face!
What a goof ball
Quinn was quick to tell me that Myla was the first one to paint her face.
What a funny girl.
I could not get enough of the smiles on their faces!Rex didn't paint his face but he was in full support of his siblings and had lots of smiles for me!
He is so handsome
Rex now adores his lil bro. He ALWAYS asks to hold him the moment I start feeding Titan and then waits patiently to "hold please"
Titan is pretty great at going with the flow. We moved our pool closer to the shade so Ty and I can be shaded but the big kids are still in the sun. Everyone is happy!
Popsicles are Rex' FAVORITE part of summer. My other kids enjoy them but Rex LOVES them. You can't open the freezer without him going crazy!
The get extremely fascinated by their tongue colors after eating a popsicle.
Pretty girl
Red tongues!
Titan loves napping outside.
So, I was reminded today that a lot can happen in 90 seconds when you have a 3 year old and two almost 2 year olds around. Luckily we are pretty good and laughing at situations like that and I got some cute photos of their painted faces. Messy faces and all, I'm one BLESSED momma!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Traveling Titan!

Titan was only 6 days old when he traveled to 3 different states and road PERFECTLY for 7.5 hours in the car. Talk about a busy first week of life!

About a week before we found out that we were expecting a baby (way back in December) my parents planned a vacation for my whole family to Hayward, Wisconsin. My mom grew up going to Hayward every summer and then continued the tradition when we were growing up. Once my parents moved to Arkansas we stopped going to Hayward in the summer but they decided to have us all enjoy some family time together there this summer. Vacation started on August 6th, our due date was August 10th but because all my other kiddos were so early we were convinced that we would be just fine. Well, Titan came on his own timing (perfect timing because he was so big and healthy) but we were forced to be flexible with our vacation plans. We ended up going up a few days later than everyone else but still got 4 full days of playing on the beach and enjoying my family.

The look on Myla's face is a pretty good glimpse as to how much fun my kids had.
The condos are right on the water which was so much fun. It made going to the beach, swimming, playing in the sand, catching frogs way less of a big deal. When you are right there you don't have to pack up everything because if you forgot sunscreen or towels or snacks all you had to do was run inside and grab them. It was just perfect.It was strange to think about my own kids playing in Hayward because I grew up playing in Hayward. I grew up going for boat rides in these boats and playing on this beach. Not that my children could comprehend it at all, but it was fun to be able to see them enjoy a part of my childhood! And I loved being able to share it with Dan too!
Titan did FABULOUS! Like I said before he was a CHAMP in the car and LOVED all the extra arms to hold him and cuddle him. I'm pretty sure that every nap for 4 days was in someone's arms!
The weather was beautiful but slightly cooler than we were hoping, making swimming a short lived activity. They did however go in 3 days and enjoyed walking around near the shore and doing some shivering jumps to Daddy and Papa.
I opted for just putting my feet in the water.
Dan enjoyed getting some extra time to enjoy our kiddos. He got to take some naps with Titan and some play time with our big kids.
Both of my sisters were there in Hayward with us as well as Dana's husband Ryan and my mom's sister Sue. It was a perfect group and my kids enjoyed all their Aunts, Uncles and Nana and Papa!
The kids doing some jumps. The men doing the catching!
Rex inherited Quinn's army print Twins hat because Uncle Ry Ry found Quinn a bigger Twins hat. Ryan is from Iowa and says that he knows what it's like to grow up without having a team to cheer for so he is turning my kids into Twins fans so they will have a team to cheer for! Maybe someday we will get to enjoy a game at the new stadium!
Nana and Ty
Quinn and Papa enjoying some special time fishing together.
There were some good catches!
After a while of Quinton fishing Rex and Myla got to come and hold some fish. They don't care much about the catching but they love holding the fish! Luckily the fish were very little and easy for the to hold.
Titan was living the life!
Uncle Ry doing some swimming
Myla got chilly, Papa was excited to snuggle.
The boys in the water!
I got some sweet snuggles from my Rex
Rex enjoying some splashing in the lake
I'm pretty sure that my children had sand in the diapers, ears, hair, nails, every place imaginable. Approximately 90% of our time was spent digging in the sand. There were some fun diggers and trucks at the beach, they made "sand soup" multiple times a day, they covered their feet, they made and destroyed sand castles, they were so happy in the sand. The first thing that Quinn asked for when he woke up was to go play in the sand, immediately after meals they would run back out to the sand, Quinn even asked me tonight to go play in the sand again with the trucks.
Aunt Sue getting some Titan time!
Aunt Kelly being so fun
Splashing in the lake
Nana and Titan
What cute girls, Aunt Kel and Myla.
The most handsome baby boy EVER!
Aunt Sue and Quinn playing trucks
We were so blessed to enjoy such fabulous family time. My children all enjoyed the extra playmates and all the love and attention. I love getting to be with all of my family together and getting to share my kids with them. We are so thankful that Titan decided to make his debut when he did so that we could take him on such a fun vacation.