Monday, June 28, 2010

Almost on the Move!

My house is on the move!
(not crawling yet but definitely moving)
Rex and Myla seem to find any way possible to get from here to there and they are only getting faster and more creative! There is rolling, scooting, twisting, going backwards, many ways for getting what they want. Rex has also mastered the art of sitting up from laying down, something that he is very proud of. Every time he does it he gets a HUGE grin on his face. They both desperately want to be on the go! I have a feeling that things are going to get crazy very quickly when they start moving! I'm going to need to be quick on my feet!

Below are a series of pictures that show what happens in my house every day. One of the babies gets a toy and the other one does whatever it takes to get it! The other day Myla managed to get herself on top of Rex. It looked like she pinned him in wrestling. Don't be deceived by her small size or his innocent eyes!

Rex spotted the pinwheelHe is working on getting it!

Check out the sad face on Miss Myla

He got it...

Rex playing like he did nothing wrong... Myla looking totally defeated!
Just another moment at the Rude house!

Quinton continues to like Rex and Myla more and more. He likes to include them and play with them! He passes the ball to them, washes their feet with the spray bottle, gets them toys, has them come into his forts and caves that he builds. He is also quite the encourager. When they are fussy in the car he reminds them that we are "Almost there." The other day when Myla had her sippy cup upside down he looked at her grabbed his cup and said, "Just drink it like this Myla," showed her how to drink from a cup and ended with an "ahhh!" Funny but very helpful big brother!

Myla trying to crawl!

Rex trying to pull up on the pool

Goofy Rex

Quinton provided them with many many balls to play with

Rex displaying his skills

Both standing and watching Quinton
Bath time is a whole new experience now. Both Rex and Myla try and stand up during the whole bath. It makes it quite difficult to take long baths anymore but we do our best!

Every day my house is transformed into many different things, a train station, a cave, a fort, a jungle, an ocean (we have a lot of sharks in our house lately), scooter central... there are endless possibilities with Quinn around!

Quinn looking tired after a long morning of playing outside!
Cave/fort building has become a popular past time around our house lately. Quinn especially loves it when he can invite Rex and Myla into his cave and he loves it when you put a blanket over the top. And it is REALLY cool if mom lets him have his snack inside of his cave! Oh how exciting couch cushions can be!

Big or little, forts are always fun!

Rex and Myla had their nine month check-up today (I was a little late, they are almost 10 months) but they are both TALL with big beautiful heads! Rex is 21 and a half lbs (70% for weight) and 90% for height. Myla is just over 17 lbs (25% for weight) and 90% for height. Both are right on track with their skills and development. It is always wonderful to hear that your children are healthy!

Rex and Myla LOVE real food although I am still forcing the baby food down because it seems to be the healthiest option still!

Quinton loves to help with everything involving Rex and Myla these days. He is now included in helping to feed them... lucky Rex and Myla :)

We went to the zoo last week with 5 other moms. It was a fun morning. Quinton's favorite part was the train, Leighton and feeding the goats!

Looking at the giraffes with Malachi

I put on a headband one morning (a dirty hair day!) and Quinn wanted to join the fun. Despite the sad look in this picture he actually really wanted to wear it! I think he looks good in animal print!

We spent Father's Day at Dan's parents house. Grandpa Tim enjoyed pushing all the little boys.
Cousin Miles is on the left, James and Connor are next (they are the little boys that Tim and Nancy adopted) and then Quinn. The four of them loved playing together!

So thankful that life is continuing to go well. We are all doing great! I think I am going to quickly realize that my house is two year old proof but no longer baby proof. We might be moving things to high ground soon!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Anniversary!

Dan and I have been married 3 years! (yesterday, June 22)
What an incredible three years it has been! I could not imagine a better man for me. Dan is the most amazing husband and father! He is always loving and serving me and the three wee ones. He is by far the busiest man that I know and yet he always always comes home ready to run around with Quinn, change a diaper, make a bottle, play baseball, give me a kiss. He is an unbelievable husband and I am so honored to be his wife and to serve the Lord along side of him.

Some old pictures of us!
At Luke and Christy's wedding

Right after getting engaged!

While we were dating!
Thanks to some fabulous friends we were able to enjoy over 6 hours of alone time celebrating our anniversary! We are so blessed! I cannot wait to see all that the Lord has in store for our life together. Many many more years of loving each other, hopefully some more Wee Ones and many years of serving the Lord together!


Friday, June 18, 2010

Three Troopers!

My children are amazing travelers!
Over the course of a week we went to Madison, Chicago, back to Madison, to Des Moines, to Omaha and back to Des Moines!
Last Thursday I packed up my three Wee Ones and hit the road by myself with the three of them on our way to Madison! We arrived in time for dinner with Aunt Kelly! Quinton kept Aunt Kelly VERY busy. They played frisbee, baseball, soccer, guitar, read books, watched the scary dog in the movie the Sandlot (Quinton loved the scary dog) and went to the zoo!

Friday we enjoyed seeing the animals at the Madison zoo!

Myla and Rex enjoyed sitting more upright in their stroller to see the sights.

We had to take a picture of the rhino. We don't have these at our zoo... they are huge animals!

Quinton once again enjoyed feeding the goats! I think that the highlight of the zoo trip was riding on the train at the zoo. Quinn and I road around on the train in the blue car. Aunt Kelly captured the pictures... I'll try and post one soon!

Quinn riding on the big turtle!

Saturday was my cousin TJ's wedding in Chicago. A fun time to see family. I had not seen most of my Aunt's, Uncle's and cousin's since Dana and Ryan's wedding over two years ago so it was wonderful to catch up and see everyone! Sunday we went to my Uncle Tim and Aunt Roberta's house for a BBQ. Again, it was wonderful to see everyone and to share my kids with them!

A father/daughter picture!
Can you tell where I get my blue eyes?

Myla eating a roll in her pretty dress (thank you Ashley Garrison!)

Rex enjoying a roll with Mom!

My cousin Beth and sister Dana

Uncle Ryan holding Miss Myla

Kelly, Ry and Myla

Quinton kept his best bud Papa busy.
Here they were on the ground looking for bugs... a favorite past-time of Quinton's lately

The Rude Girls

Nana and Myla
Papa, Nana and Rex
(not sure how to make these pics bigger...)
Rex partied too hard and fell asleep on the chairs! Worn out from all the travel!

After traveling to see family we swung back to Des Moines picked up Dan and were off to a conference in Omaha! It was a great conference. Always fun to see friends that live far away!

My kids all enjoying goldfish on the hotel bed!
There were some fun fountains near our hotel. All three of them enjoyed splashing around and getting their feet wet!

Quinn and Dan touching the water!

Rex being a fabulous traveler!
Myla and her dimples!

There are lots of Buffalo around downtown Omaha...

My babies were fabulous at sleeping anywhere and everywhere on this week long adventure. They camped out on the floor of the hotel room. They both move around so much, especially Rex. I found him many times 4 or 5 feet away from his pillow... I guess that is why they have cribs!Well, we are back home in Des Moines. We all have adjusted once again to sleeping in our beds and cribs and are enjoying a little less car time! I was inspired by my Aunt Chris to get rid of Quinn's pacifier (or as he calls it his Wa Wa, I'm not sure where he got that). So when we got back from Omaha yesterday Quinton got the honors of cutting the nipples off of his pacifiers and we threw them in the garbage for the garbage man to pick up. I have been dreading this day for a LONG time. Quinton loves his Wa Wa's, they are very much a comfort thing. But much to my surprise he is doing AMAZING. A little fussing before nap and bedtime but overall much less painful than I imagined. Every once in a while he will remind me that the garbage man has his Wa Wa's now! An exciting step in our house... just a reminder to me though how fast he is growing up!

My three troopers getting clean in the tub!

We love Des Moines but sure enjoyed our traveling!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Hi Chicago Family!

The kids and I are on our way to Chicago this weekend for my cousin's wedding. We are driving to Madison on Thursday and driving with my sister Kelly to Chicago on Saturday. I am looking forward to seeing all of my family and Quinton can't stop talking about the fact that Papa is going to bring him a BIG fishing pole so that he can practice casting!

A little video for our Chicago family!

The newest Superhero at our house!
Rex quickly out grew these PJ's so they now are Myla's and she is quite the tough little girl!
Can't you tell by the Spiderman on her PJ's and the hammer in her hand! I guess that's what you get with two brothers!

I think she makes a pretty sweet Superhero!

A new game at our house is "smooshing" faces. Quinn thinks that it is a blast. The babies are indifferent at first but after too many smooshes they get a little irritated but Quinn seems to think that it is the funniest game!

Quinton has become quite the helpful big brother. We put the legs back onto our music table so now the babies can practice standing at it. The only problem is neither of them are stable enough to leave by themselves so Quinn has become my helper and takes care of Myla. He offers her a little support and gives me warning what she is tipping over!
Quinn dancing and helping Myla!

All three in the wagon on our way to the store!

Rex has gotten sneaky these days. He will pull Myla down from behind, steal her bottle and the both try and take each others toys. Oh how the fun never stops with these two!

Rex is "gettin" Myla, according to Quinn

We have been practicing our animal sounds and imitations.
Here is Quinn acting like a Monkey!

The cutest Monkey I've ever seen!

One of the new games around our house is the Train game.
Quinn pushes all the kitchen chairs into a line and then we get our trusty paper plate steering wheel and we are ready to go. Dan and I taught him to say, "All Aboard" and "Last Call." He enjoys taking us to many destinations! A very fun and entertaining game!
Quinn driving the train!

I'm riding the rails!

Rex woke up from his nap and was allowed to ride along with me. At every stop we must get off and play! Two Handsome Rude Boys!
These two sure do love eating! They have become very aware when there is food and what people are eating and they insist on being a part of the action. Quinn has enjoying shoving goldfish into their mouths!

Not sure it gets any cuter than this!
Not sure it gets any cuter than this!
Not sure it gets any cuter than this!
The twins enjoying the pool!

Quinton has become obsessed with fishing these days! The only fishing pole that we have is a soft bath tub fishing pole so that is what he has been practicing casting with. There are little fish that go along with it that have magnets in them so that he can catch them. It keeps him entertained but he keeps asking me for a BIG fishing pole!
We have fabulous friends with lots of kids! On Friday's we meet some of the other mom's in our church nursery. The kids have a blast and the mom's get caught up on life!
Quinn, Malachi and Leighton all playing some sort of drum in the little house!

The funniest part was that the boys kept on singing, "Bless the Lord, Oh Malachi".... not sure where they came up with that. But they sure had fun and made a TON of noise!

Millie is another friend of Quinn's. Millie and Quinn had a fun time playing together!
Quinn is a little social butterfly and is Fabulous at remembering names!

Quinn has become quite the singing! His favorite song this week is "Awesome God, Holy God, when you draw near I'm humbled!" The funny thing is that instead of saying humbled, he thinks the word is "bumbled" and his insists that Dan and I say "bumbled" instead of humbled. He thinks it is so funny. A new Quinn phrase recently is "Oh my gosh." I never realized how much I would say "Oh my gosh" around the house when something exciting happens but apparently I do and Quinn has picked up on it!
"Oh my gosh" life is a blast!