Thursday, March 26, 2009

Papa and Nana follow Quinn through the Midwest

During our loop through the Midwest, we were able to enjoy Quinn at stops in Madison, Minneapolis and Des Moines. Here's a few photos and videos:

At Aunt Kelly's home in Madison. (click on photo for larger image)

Q has developed a unique crawling style as shown in the following video:

Quinn starting to fade...

Watching the workmen the next morning with Nana.

On to Minneapolis to visit Aunt Dana and Uncle Ryan.

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Q loves music! Here Papa is helping Quinn with his dance moves.

Finally on to Des Moines to celebrate Quinn's first birthday!

Papa enjoying a brief moment of "quiet time".

Q looking preppy with his collar up.

Playing with his new grocery cart from the Bohlens.

Even more fun than the grocery cart was the box that it came in!

Hot stuff with his new ball from the Rudes.

Birthday cake! The colored sprinkles were the best part.

Q didn't care much for the mess.


Thursday, March 5, 2009

Spring is Amost Here!

Spring is rapidly approaching here in Des Moines, Iowa and we cannot wait for it. Over the last two weeks we have hit some temperatures in the mid 50s and today it was around 65. The sun was warming my house as opposed to my furnace!! Quinton and I have enjoyed many walks and today played outside with some friends for over and hour. I think that is a sign of what our summer with be all about. Quinn enjoyed eating the grass (If I remember correctly he enjoyed eating grass last summer too), playing with sticks and chasing balls. His pants were all wet when we went inside but he didn't seem to care at all.

Riding with Style... Totally Relaxed!

Both Dan and I think that Quinton's first word is BALL!!! He loves balls... nothing fancy just cheap plastic balls and almost every time he gets one in his hands he says... "ba ba ba"... sometimes there is an L at the end too. So fun! He also says mama and Dada... althought we are not sure that they are necessarily directed at us we are counting them anyways! Life is fun when your're almost one!

Along with the nice weather comes many weddings. Dan preformed his first of many weddings this year the other weekend and did a great job! It's always fun to see our friends get married. Quinton enjoyed the food at this wedding!

Check out these handsome boys!!

We are looking forward to seeing many of the Miller Family this month. Dan is going on a mission trip with some boys to El Paso, Texas so Quinton and I will be traveling to Madison to see Aunt Kelly and possibly swinging up to Minnesota to see Aunt Dana and Uncle Ry. Nana and Papa will also be in Madison and Minnesota. I think that they are trying to get some extra Quinton time! I'm sure that there will be many pictures to come of the those adventures!