Monday, March 17, 2014

Baby Jacob

On January 10th, I became an Aunt for the 13th time (if I counted correctly). This time was a little different because it was my sister having the baby.... There's just something special about your sibling having a baby!
Introducing Jacob Leo Bohlen. And let me just tell you that he is PERFECT! I mean look at those eyes, they just melt your heart. He is so sweet with the longest toes and fingers that I've ever seen on a baby. It helps that his parents both have huge hands and feet.
We finally got to meet and snuggle him a couple of weekends ago when he was 7 weeks old and we all voted that maybe we should keep him. He seemed to fit right in with our craziness.
Dana and Ryan traveled down to Ames to visit Ryan's family. We met them all for lunch on Friday and then they came down to spend the day with us on Sunday. It was a fun day just hanging with Jacob.
As always, my children loved hanging with Aunt Dana and Uncle Ry. Playing games, wrestling, snuggling baby Jacob and just being together.
Everyone wanted special Aunt Dana and Uncle Ry time.
Jett slept most of the afternoon away. Which allowed for me to have plenty of tiny baby snuggles since my sweet baby wasn't pulling at my leg. It's fun to think about how Jacob will fit in with all our kids at family gatherings. We are already planning a trip to Minnesota this summer to see Jacob, oh and Dana and Ryan too!
Dan has this whole baby thing figured out!
Myla enjoyed holding her little cousin. Her hair was in two super cute french braids but the moment that we got home from church out came the braids... I'm looking forward to the hot and humid summer days when I don't have to do anything but let her curls spring up!
I have enjoyed lots of day time chats with Dana. It has been nice having her on her maternity leave! We have face-timed with Jacob several times. How fun is technology. We use facetime ALL THE TIME! It seems like every few days we call Nana and Papa to just say hi.
All of my children look like long haired, crazy kids. They did all get haircuts shortly after these pictures. Despite lots of bike helmets, swimming and sweat, I think that summer is better on everyone's natural hair. I can't wait for all those curls to go crazy.
We loved getting to meet baby Jacob. We loved our time with Aunt Dana and Uncle Ry. Missing Baby Jacob already!