Thursday, May 23, 2013

Dan's Big Catch

Check out that catch!

After our kids reeled in bigger catches, Dan caught the smallest one of the day. At our kids age it doesn't matter the size, just the excitement of the catch and any fish is exciting.  Someday the size of the fish will matter. Papa may need to start finding those big fish spots on his lake before they start wanting some big guys!

With a little bit cooler weather this trip there was lots of fishing. Titan and I went out with the gang on our last day and although I struggled to keep Ty occupied it was fun to watch the big kids reel in their catches and hold them with pride!

Papa and his fishermen in training!
Dan and his baby girl.
The Rude girls.
 Me and my oldest two.
 Now remember above when I said that the kids reeled in "bigger catches"? I meant slightly bigger.
 Yes, slightly bigger fish. But very excited children!

Myla and Papa showing off her catch.
 I just love being on the lake!
 Trying to keep Titan from going crazy on the boat was a challenge, this boy likes to move!
 Rex and his slightly bigger catch.
 Admiring his little guy.
 Rex lovin' on the fish.
Check out the fish. The one on the bottom right didn't make it. He went belly up. Poor guy was loved to death.
Just some more fabulous memories from Arkansas to share with you. 

Friday, May 17, 2013


Fishing is just part of coming to Arkansas.  Although we have never been very successful, the kids always enjoy casting, reeling the line in and just being near the lake. 

Dan and Papa took Quinn, Rex and Myla on the boat yesterday morning and each kid caught one fish. It doesn't get more perfect than that, unless of course each kid catches more!
Quinton showing off his fishy friend.
I love this one, Quinn checking out his wiggly fish.
Rex, of course, handles all moving things with extreme love. He tends to love things to death, and may have dropped his fish a few times but is just overly excited about anything slimy and moving in his hands!
My sweet boy!
And don't think for one minute that a slimy fish would scare this girl off...
She's got one too!
While they were off catching fish, Titan, Nana, Jett and I went bug hunting (you can see Titan holding his bug cage). We found several dead beetles and a fried worm all of which Titan carried around proudly and gave them leaves to eat and a rock to climb on. He couldn't wait to show his big siblings his finds!
The three fish.
Titan is being his charming self here in Arkansas and keeps everyone laughing and on their toes!
Papa and Titan
 Dan keeping Jett out of the sun!
Jett is enjoying the fresh air and lots of lovin!
Everyone is happy being here in Arkansas but all the fun in the sun (except for it's raining right now) tends to be exhausting. Quinn, Rex and Myla are enjoying their show time on the porch with their afternoon milk.
As always we are thoroughly enjoying our time here and the rain today can't slow these kids down. Loving every minute of life on the lake, the warm air and Nana and Papa!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

20 Minutes

From the moment we pulled into the driveway of my parents house to this,
and this,
and this,
and this,
 and this,
Only took 20 minutes.

Unpacked the car, threw it all in their entry way, changed my kids and jumped on the boat. It's amazing how quickly things can go with a little excitement and four extra arms. After a fabulous 10 hours in the car by all five of my kids, we were ready to party on the boat with Nana and Papa. 

Thankful for Dan and my dad for braving the cold water to swim with three excited kids. Normally this time of year the water is a little cooler but totally bearable, this year with such a crazy spring the water is quite cold. My children have their Daddy and Papa wrapped around their fingers to swim in that freezing water with them. In case you were wondering,I couldn't go in. I had to take pictures and keep an eye on my two youngest! The sacrifice of a mother ;)
Titan joyfully watched his siblings braving the water. Much to my surprise he had little interest in actually going in himself.
 Quinton's extremely cold but extremely excited face! And by the way, real boys can wear pink!
We are still making the most of our time in Arkansas despite the much colder water and the gloomy days. Anything with Daddy, Nana and Papa is fun!