Sunday, October 30, 2011

Family Pictures

We got our family pictures taken on Tuesday by our friend and AMAZING photographer Justin Meyer.

To say that I am excited how they turned out is an understatement, I AM THRILLED. It is not an easy task getting 4 little ones to have happy faces all in one picture. Despite knowing Justin they were all a little weary of getting their pictures taken. We bribed them with gum the entire time even placing it on top of the camera to get them to look directly at the camera and smile.

It was a fun morning and I'm so glad we got to have them taken. These are just a few of my favorites. To see them all you can go to our album on Justin's website. There were so many amazing pictures but I just picked a few. Enjoy!Now on to phase two, getting them put onto my walls. Any volunteers to help?? I'm horrible at this part but I want to show off these cute kids. I mean seriously wouldn't you?

Thank you Justin!

Saturday, October 29, 2011


All my kids LOVE Titan, but Rex gives the most unprompted kisses and hugs to Titan. He just likes to be near him! One of my favorite things is just to watch my kids interact with each other. I think Rex' love for Titan will only increase as he gets older.

On this particular day Rex just laid next to him for about 20 minutes and kept pushing the flowers again and again for the music to turn back on!
Switched sides, the flowers getting a little close!
Look closely, Rex found a car...Rex found a new race track. Hmm... He got it to stay...Titan seems unfazed by the fact that he is a human race track. Quinn and Myla see that some fun is being had... My four little blessings.Titan goes with the flow for most things. He's just part of the gang!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Life These Days

Life these days seems busier than ever. Taking 4 children places is just routine now. We are loving the warm weather still but dreading the days to come. Oh how winter gets so long!

Like I've said before my three big kids have a lot of fun together. I believe on this particular day they were playing doctor..... hmmmm
Quinton is such an encourager to his siblings. He will regularly tell them that they did a good job sleeping in their big kid beds, he tells Titan how good he does at Tummy Time, and what a sweet little guy he is. He is also a protector too. The other day I was making dinner and I heard him say, "Get down Rexy, you're going to fall and crack your head and have to go to the hospital and get a new head." I'm going to interpret that as he really cares. Rex is Quinn's shadow. I mean literally, whatever Quinn says is usually repeated by Rex. Whatever Quinn get's excited about Rex is sure to follow. If Quinn has socks on, Rex wants socks on, if Quinn get's excited about doings something his shadow is sure to follow. I love watching these two boys interact together. They are such sweet friends. I remember looking at people who dressed their kids similarly as crazy. Now I look at those people as extremely intelligent. It saves a lot of sadness if I dress them similar or better yet, in the exact same shirts. The other night their were many tears because Quinn's pajamas were much cooler than Rex'. I'm not sure when it will become uncool to dress alike but for life these days we have fewer tears if they are just dressed the same. Myla is her brother's biggest fan. Although she is usually the instigator in their little quarrels she is also the one who is regularly cheering, "Good job boys!" She is such a delight and has become quite the dancer, wiggling any time music comes on! She has quite the wiggle, I'll have to video it sometime!Titan continues to steal our hearts he is such a sweet little man. He IS SO STRONG! I'm pretty sure that I forgot to write this a while ago but he has been rolling over from his tummy to his back completely since 6 weeks!!!!! Amazing! He regularly does 7 minutes or so of tummy time without laying his head down. He rolled over from his tummy to his back on the couch but Dan told me that didn't count! He LOVES his momma and I can't look at him without grinning ear to ear. He has taken a liking to the Jumperoo but mostly because it means that he can watch his siblings run circles around him, literally. I am constantly reminding my big kids that the jumperoo is TITAN'S TOY but they seem just as fascinated by it. He is almost 3 months now, I can't even believe it. My sweet little boy is growing up too fast! Baby Molly is Myla's shadow these days. She goes everywhere with us. When they get in the car I have to specify that she needs to buckle herself in because if I just say buckle up then Baby Molly is the one who gets buckled in. She pushes her in the swing, she brings Molly's highchair and puts it next to her chair, gets Molly's dinner and puts it on her tray. He brothers are eager to help but know that NO ONE is allowed to play with Baby Molly but Myla! I love seeing that surrounded by trucks and boy toys galore she still adores her babies. Another thing that Molly is good at is being the Monster that chases the boys. Molly (and Myla) willing accept the role of being the Monster or the Bear that chases after the boys. Myla growls as she chases the boys with Baby Molly's hand. What a fun girl!He is SOO sweet! I'm pretty sure his eyes are staying blue, which would make him my favorite blue eyed boy!We have begun to eat most of our meals at the dining room table even if it's just me and the wee ones. But I still enjoy the high chairs, it seems less messy to me! Meal times are usually filled with singing, giggling and making letters out of food (I figure at least they are learning!). On this particular day we had just bought some huge raspberries at the store. I think it goes without saying but they were a big hit!This is how we bathe these days. The other night all four of them lasted for an hour! Wrinkled fingers and toes galore!It's amazing how many fewer baths we need each week as the weather gets cooler. We are still outside all the time but it seems like they don't get nearly as dirty and obviously not as sweaty. Most bath times are very enjoyable for me! It is wonderful to have all four in one room. Everyone getting clean, usually happy, we sing A LOT of songs in the bath, I eat a lot of bubble soup, shaving cream cookies, and they get an occasional "splash-athon" when I put the shower curtain down. Fun for everyone! Life these days is wonderful. I hope these pictures give you a little peek into my blessed life!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Me Time

Do you ever have those days as a mom where you're not sure who cries more, you or your kids?

I had a day like that today. Maybe I'm the only one who has ever had days like that, if I'm not please share with me so I don't feel crazy ;) But days like today are a good reminder of my undying need for the Lord. I feel like when everything is going smooth it's easy to rely on my own strength but days like today remind me that nowhere in my own strength can I be a loving, caring, attentive, righteous mother of four kids 3 1/2 and under without the Lord.

That is why the best way for me to start my day is like this... Me Time!I have gotten into the habit of getting downstairs, making coffee, enjoying my FAVORITE pineapple Chobani yogurt and opening up my bible for at least 30 minutes before my beautiful kids wake up. It is the best thing for my life. I am a more patient, loving, wise, godly mother when I start my day with the Lord.

And then after a little me and God time, I hear six little feet thumping down the stairs and Titan fussing.
I'm so blessed. It usually takes a minute or two of waking up to get smiles! Once the milk is down they usually are a little more alert. Looking back on the day, I can't say that I want tomorrow to be a continuation of today, but I can say that I always learn a lot on days like today and I am humbled because I cannot do this on my own! And thankfully I don't have to, I have the Lord and the BEST husband in the whole world! I am also thankful that these days are NOT a regular occurrence around here.
I had one of those days today, and now my four precious children are all sleeping soundly. Looking forward to waking up with the Lord tomorrow and then hearing six little feet coming down the stairs for another day!

Friday, October 14, 2011


I was unaware of the world of PINTEREST until the other day. It is seriously a whole new web world to explore.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the world of Pinterest it is a place where you can "PIN" different links in different categories. It was fabulous timing for me. I had about ten different windows open from the week of recipes that I had found but had not had time to write them down so I had just left them open. Then I discovered Pinterest. I now have a place where I can put the recipes that I find. I write the name of the dish it has a little picture and then when I click on the picture it links me to the website where the recipe is. You can do the same thing for clothes you find, rooms you like the design for, etc. Maybe everyone else is familiar with this but it was very new for me.

Considering the fact that I don't have a lot of free time on my hands, I'm limiting myself mostly recipes and kid crafts. It is pretty fun having a place to store recipes and things that I find. Oh the possibilities of the world wide web are endless.

So last Saturday while snuggled in my bed I came across "turn a t-shirt into a scarf." So I peeked at it. Grabbed an old t-shirt, a pair of scissors and..... VOILA!
A t-shirt into a scarf in... NO LIE... 15 MINUTES! I made this at 10pm while laying in my bed with nothing more then an old t-shirt and scissors. I did add a little flower hair clip of hers that my friend Anna makes.For those of you that know me well know that I am not a "Do it Yourself" kinda girl. I have not had time to Do anything myself for over 2 years. I'm not complaining, I love taking care of my kids and I would much rather spend extra time with them than craft up something but I also don't think that I was born with the crafting gene. Some people have a natural talent for taking a piece of junk and making it into a beautiful creation. I however DO NOT. But I did give it a try and if I can make something beautiful for free and in 15 minutes you can count me in!My beautiful baby boy.
It is so fun to watch Titan watch his siblings. His eyes follow them constantly. He always wants to be held so that he can see what's going on around him. I think he already adores them. This is out attempt at decorating pumpkins. My kiddos decided on little pumpkins so we couldn't carve them. We pulled out the stickers, and permanent markers and colored away. A fun activity for us.I have a feeling that I'm going to have to become more and more crafty as my kids get older. They love making new things and decorating things but for today I'm all crafted out ;)