Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Short Snow Pants

We have had a plethora of "Short snow pants," kind of days.
You know the days when you accidentally put on your younger brothers snow pants and your ankles stick out the whole time you're playing outside. That seems to be how our house has been functioning the last month. The days have not been bad, the days still work (kind of like short snow pants) but they just haven't been as great as they could be. We have cold ankles here :)
With lots of sickness, a flood in our kitchen, hallway and basement, insurance people, service master people, and construction people in and out of our house, a sassy one year old, a stir crazy momma and a daddy that has been working like a mad man to get our main floor functioning again for us, we have had a less than normal month. My children, however, seem unfazed by the craziness and for that I am so thankful. They are pretty good at rolling with the punches and have thoroughly enjoyed picking up a hammer and helping their daddy out.

I think through all of it I'm reminded that I even after being a mom for almost six years, I STILL don't know what my baby needs all the time(if only he could tell me why he was crying), no matter how hard i try to keep everything in control, chaos happens and I can learn a lot in it, and sickness can be a good thing to slow me down and snuggle my kids for days, and days, and days (it takes a long time to make it through all the kids in our house, if only they could all get it the same day and be done), I still don't know what the heck I'm doing most days, and I DESPERATELY need the Lord to get me through each and every day. Good days, bad days, I need Him through it all.

That's not to say there there haven't been smiles and laughter and sweet moments this past month.

I mean look at this guy, he's just beyond precious. And those blue eyes get me every time, even when there are tears streaming from them.
I have been reminded this month what great friends we have. Many have spend countless hours ripping up carpet and flooring, and helping Dan till the wee hours of the morning and even coming over to work on our house when Dan is gone. WHAT?? Who does that? Oh yes, our friends!
In all the chaos my beautiful brown eyed first born lost his first tooth! Huge milestone! My dad sent me a picture of when his first two teeth came in.... This is little Quinton Daniel with his first two teeth.
He looks a lot like Jett with darker eyes.
Funny thing is that in all the excitement of showing daddy his first tooth we lost it (despite being in a plastic bag). It somehow flew out and is now rolled up in our old carpet in the dumpster in our driveway. Lucky for Quinn the tooth fairy came even without an actual tooth under his pillow. 
As I was snuggling my baby last night ringing in my birthday I was reminded of how last year I rang in my birthday with my same little man, he was just a lot smaller. Time flies.
Quinn wanted to play with Jett in the bath. They splashed like crazy men together. I love the looks on their faces.
In case you were wondering, I offered to help Quinn and Rex switch snow pants so that Quinn's ankles would be covered. He said he was fine. Much tougher than I am!
We are more ready than ever for some nice days! And despite our short snow pants days are beyond blessed!

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Jett's ONE

My baby is ONE! 
Although I do miss the little snuggles and holding a tiny, bitty baby in my arms, I love the stage in life that Jett is at and that our family is in. I don't want to rewind time, I just wish that it would slow down.
It's funny thinking back to when Quinton turned one, I felt like he was so old and was doing so much and although I can't believe that Jett is actually one year old, he's the baby in this house! He's the one that all six of us drag out of the bathroom as he tries to pull down the whole toilet paper roll, he's the one that we have to pull markers out of his mouth as his whole face turns colored, he's the one that we all love feeding bites of our food, playing ball with, he's the one that all four of my big kids beg to go wake up from his nap because they just can't wait to jump in his crib and make him laugh. He's all six of our favorite baby in the world. Everyone wants to sit near Jett at meals, except for Myla, if she sits too close to Jett while eating he pulls her hair, everyone wants to "help" Jett walk around the room, everyone wants to splash with Jett in the bath, they love their littlest brother.
That's not to say that Jett still doesn't live up to his name, "Destructo Boy!" He is Destructo Boy in full force. He desperately wants to be involved in everything that the big kids are doing. He already knows how to play Ninja Turtles. It's funny to watch him grab a turtle and smash it against another. He totally belongs in our family! They often times have to set up their turtle battles out of Jett's reach, he loves to be near them. 
Jett excitedly took his first steps the other night. And how great that it was while surrounded by all six of his biggest fans sitting in a circle around him. He was quite the show off for all of us. I even captured it on video. First steps on video... I think up until Jett I was 0/4.
I love being Jett's momma.
Can't believe my baby is one. Trying to soak up all the baby time I can with him.
Happy Birthday to the sweetest one year old around. Adored by all!
Jett Abell Rude we love you!