Friday, July 11, 2014

Addicted to Water Part 1

We are addicted to water.
Ok, let me clarify a little more, we are addicted to water in the summer, when it's HOT!
Big pools, little pools, lakes, hoses, squirt guns, water balloons, any form of water, WE LOVE IT!
In case you're wondering, Dan is wearing girls sunglasses! No shame, he forgot his!
This summer has kept us on our toes with all the rain and the cooler days but we have made the most of the sunshine and not much can keep us from splashing around. I'm sad because I heard that next week is supposed to be in the low 70s. What is happening?
Although Jett is still very much a baby, I feel like for the first time in six years our lives are not controlled by naps. If there is something going on he is quite content to be awake and in the mix. He even partied with a great attitude till after 11pm for the 4th. Amazing!
Jett's personality is overflowing out of him. He is quite the crazy kid in our house and keeps us all constantly in giggles. It's amazing how even at such a young age they understand so much. I feel like almost every day he learns something new. He copies the big kids in everything they do. He's a blast to be around.
Mr. Titan can persevere through the day if there's lots going on. It's when you slow down that this boy crashes. He's such a trooper and refuses to be left out of anything. 
Loving the beautiful weather. Loving the our family time. Can't get enough of our Wee little Rudes!