Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Aunt Kelly's Visit

25 weeks.... feeling larger than ever.
It's hard to imagine that my belly is going to keep growing and stretching but growing and stretching is GOOD cause it means that he is still inside!! Aunt Kelly came to visit us this past weekend. We enjoyed our time with her A LOT! We did lots of playing, running, jumping, snuggling, coffee drinking, water balloon throwing, good food eating. It was nice of her to take the time to drive down and hang out with us.
Everyone looking fabulous for Easter
Everyone's got curls
Blue eyed girls
My friend Anna Judd makes headbands and hair clips for little girls (she is starting an Etsy business with her sister... I'll give you all the link when I get it). She is SOOOO talented and I am a proud buyer of her work. I'll have to post more pictures of what all the different ones look like. But I LOVE THEM. They are so cute and different than anything that I have seen for little girls. I have learned though that Miss Myla has a large head when picking out headbands. But look how beautiful!
I loved picking out her little outfit for Easter. I'm sure she will wear it a lot with weddings this summer. I love having a little girl.
Kelly trying to get everyone excited for a picture.... hmmmm
Sisters and the wee ones
The whole Rude Gang!
Water balloons did not last long in Quinn's hands. It's difficult to tell a 3 year old to wait to throw it.... I'm pretty sure he could easily go through 100 balloons very quickly.
Myla getting in one the action. Rex rarely threw the balloons... he tends to hang on to things he likes and Myla liked to play catch with her balloon.
All Boy!
A typical Rex face!
My boys having a fun time
Rex has the time of his life with his Daddy
Aunt Kelly got to experience bath time. A favorite time of mine (usually) where everyone is contained, happy, clean.
I thought this was a fabulous picture of Quinn. Due to our silly April colds, Quinn has a really red right cheek because he was constantly wiping his boogers with his right hand and smearing them across his cheek. Still so handsome.
Rex eating a bathtub fish... nothing out of the ordinary for him
Myla was doing some signing for Aunt Kelly. We learn sign language at our music class every Thursday.
Add ImageI enjoyed Kel's camera... it takes pictures very fast!
What a sweet girl
Despite the chilly weather we still spent some time outside on Saturday.
Rex learning to blow bubbles... I'll have to teach him to use the bubble wand and not put bubbles in his mouth and
Me and my big boy... my goodness how fast time flies
We enjoyed spending the weekend with Aunt Kelly. My kids always love visitors and Aunt Kelly's visit was not disappointing. My children are so blessed to have such loving families around them and people that care so much about them. Thank you Kelly for making the trip to visit us. WE LOVE YOU!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Pony Tails and the Pool

So, I know that I have said this before but Myla might be my only girl so we are going to have fun with it. She can now sport a PONY TAIL. Although she slightly resembles "Bam Bam" from the Flintstones she looks pretty sweet. She does like being girly and even enjoys a headband on with her pony tail.
Once again a look at her crazy curls, you can't see her little pony tail in this picture.
I'm pretty sure they are going to be the best of friends. What is crazy to me is that Quinn's shirts go right into Rex' drawers. How long until they just share them all right away?
We enjoyed some family time feeding the ducks and fish. The babies get so excited when they feed the ducks.
So despite only being April 13th today was 70 and so we decided that after our moms group at church we should take the pool out. So we put some hose water and some hot kitchen water into the pool and the fun began! It was a blast. I was anticipating a quick splashing of their feet but was shocked when they went all out and literally jumped right in. The only reason that they stopped playing was cause they were getting chilly and tired.
This video is a must watch.
Their giggles are music to my ears. There is nothing sweeter to listen to than little ones having a fun time together. I am truly thankful that they love playing together.

Myla was getting too chilly with her wet shirt on so she lost her shirt too.
My little beauty
Disregard the boogers... this boy is handsome
Look at the joy on his face... we are in for some fun times in the pool this summer!
Much to my surprise Rex is not afraid to get his face wet and usually Quinn laughs which makes him laugh even if he gets a little scared at first.
I think that these boys went up and down the slide constantly for at least 30 minutes!
Myla didn't enjoy going down face first like the boys but was not left out of the action!
And of course, no event is complete without "THE SCORPION"
What silly little boys... I think the little boy inside of me does the scorpion quite often too!
I have no doubt a lot more pool pictures to come!!!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Baby Names

I realized a couple of weeks ago that my kids names have no overlapping letters.


Quinton has two N's in his name but none of their letters overlap each other. Therefore I'm thinking that I should keep that trend. Which means that we are left with the letters...


No vowels and no Y
Maybe we should just name our new little boy J or Z Rude or JB or DJ Rude.
Now I'm thinking that some creativity will be necessary in naming this boy.
Look at his amazingly handsome profile and see if any names come to mind...
Ok, so we are not really sticking to only letters that we have not used but I did think that was a pretty interesting that without even knowing it we didn't use any of the same letters.

Picking baby names has not ever been an easy thing for Dan and I. Our opinions tend to be very different. We do however both LOVE our kids names right now so we are hoping to come up with a little boys name that we love just as much as Quinton, Rex and Myla. Their names fit them all so well. So much pressure in picking a name. Glad that we have a while till we need to be set on one!
Belly pictures to come when I remember to take one!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Cutest Kids!

I'm pretty sure that I have the cutest kids in the world.
It's awesome how a parents looks at their own kids. Some days I'm just amazed that they are all mine! I think that it is totally true that you always think that you have the cutest kids.... cause I sure do!

We enjoyed some time outdoors today after church. My boys ran around in their undershirts and looked so tough and cute.

Quinn's constantly amazes me.
This is what happens when you try and take a picture of Rex now. What a cheese ball. I have a feeling that he gets some of his goofiness from his daddy.
Two of my handsome boys.
Me and my cheese ball.

Our neighbors got a new dog and we have gotten to enjoy Jetta a lot.
Our neighbors have been very kind to us since we have moved in and are always willing to let my kids pet Jetta. Today they were doing yard work so they put her over the fence for us to play with and run around. It makes us think for a brief minute about getting one, and then I remember that I will have four kids under three and a half and that I don't really like dogs!
But regardless we had a fun time with Jetta and my kids can't get enough of her.
They don't allow her much breathing space.
Pure joy!
Quinn liked running with her the best.
Jetta is kind of little and got tired out way before Quinn did.
Too much fun
This is a typical Rex look... goofy, skeptical...
The Rude Girls.
We have to stick together!
Not sure if you can tell in this picture of not but we painted Myla's toe nails and finger nails for the first time last night. You put such a little amount on that they dry super fast. Everyone was entertained by the event and Myla looks so cute with pink fingers and toes. She looked SOO sweet for church today with her nails done. black leggings with ruffles at the bottom, a cute little black dress, a headband with a big pink flower and her new pink sandals.
Despite desperately praying for stick straight hair for Myla, it appears that she will have curls. I will just have to learn to tame them and control them and embrace them!
Quinn LOVES his golf clubs. He as gotten to be quite the golfer.
Rex enjoys golfing too.
Check out these cute summer shoes.
The leggings are pretty big so they kept coming down.
Before church Quinn practicing on his guitar.
He's looking pretty cute in his new birthday shirt from his Aunts.
Myla joining in the band
We love Sunday's at our house.
We get to go see all of our wonderful friends all morning at church, we come home and enjoy lunch with Daddy, play (now that it's nice, play outside), nap time for everyone (or blog time for me) and today we are planning a walk to the park with some pretzels and apples after naps and swing by Dairy Queen for some ice cream on our way home (a fun Sunday night dinner). I'm pretty sure that I LOVE the warmer weather and I love my cute amazing kids!