Saturday, April 5, 2014

Raising Ninjas

I am raising a house full of ninjas.
Even Jett has turned into a rough, tough, ninja fighter.
Even at the young age of 14 months, this boy has mastered the katana and the sai. He delights when someone lays on the ground and you say, "Jett, go get ______" He walks up to them and tackles them and joyfully sits on them. A young, but smart little ninja.
It will not be long before Dan needs some back up when fighting these kids.
Dan spent six days in the Dominican Republic for a mission trip with our church and all my kids wanted to do when he got home was wrestle him. I'm not quite as tough and fun as their daddy. I can throw a mean dance party but Quinn can almost take me down in wrestling so four against one would not turn out in my favor. Incredibly thankful for a tough and REALLY fun daddy! 

Check out our new floors that my husband and friends laid! And I painted all the trim on our main floor (with a few touch ups needed) and the living room, hall and kitchen with the help of some friends while Dan was gone. We still need to paint walls in the staircase but its slowly coming together and we are both so excited. I'm loving the white trim and the wall colors. There have been some definite positives with our flood, it just takes a lot of time and energy!
Everyone wanted pictures of their ninja poses.
Myla was definitely the most graceful, a little like a baton twirler. 
We had two of my nieces over to play for the afternoon yesterday and I was thinking about just how much the genders and order of your children really have such an influence on the dynamic of your family. It's always fun to see families that are different than ours and adding two girls to our afternoon was so much fun but never before have we had so many girly things going on in our house at once. Barbies, babies, cheer leading, ballet and tap dancing. My big boys were a little lost in all the pink but found their dancing quite entertaining. We all enjoyed our fun afternoon. The Lord definitely gave our family the perfect girl to have four brothers. I just love my sweet Myla Jane. 
Jett is growing up so fast. It's just amazing how much he understands and wants to be involved in the craziness. He delights in the action. And I love watching him join in everyone's playing.
 He's so stinkin' cute!
 I get comments regularly about his super blue eyes!
 The moment Dan gets home, he runs right over to him for a hug! Melts both our hearts.
 And then grabs a katana and is ready for battle like the rest of them!
I sure do love raising five little ninjas. If you ever need advice on raising ninjas let me know. I'm not an expert but have learned a lot! Thankful for the man who they love to wrestle and the fun that they have!