Sunday, October 25, 2009

Warming Up!

We are successfully making it through one busy day at a time! I think that everyone is getting into a good routine and Quinton is even warming up to the idea of having Rex and Myla around all the time! Although feeding times for Rex and Myla are a little long and hard for Quinn he is a good sport. Today he even held a bottle for Rex and even asked to hold them multiple times. I was shocked but very excited to see that he is trying to help. I think that Rex and Myla are going to be pretty tough because some of Quinton's "help", although good hearted, can sometimes be a little rougher than mine or Dan's, but I am so happy that he wants to help and seems to like them.

Our 3 Beautiful Children!Quinton is warming up to them!
Doing a little tummy time with Rex!
Not to sure that Rex is comfortable but he is being a great sport while Quinn holds him!
Rex and Myla are doing great! Rex is weighing in at a huge 9 lbs 8 oz and Myla at a petite 6lbs. They are eating like crazy!! I am having a hard time keeping up with them. We are enjoying more and more awake time and are so excited as we see more and more facial expressions. They are pretty sweet and such good babies!

A little tummy time snooze together!
I don't know if it gets much cuter than this!
Check out their size difference!
We have been trying ANYTHING to get Quinton to take a bath. I even got creative and thought that his love of washing dishes in the sink might transfer over into loving to take a bath in the sink. However, I was never able to get him to sit down. But my friend Ashley suggested to try his little baby tub again and it worked... at least he is not screaming and will sit in it for a few minutes! Thanks Ash for the good advice.

Washing Quinn's hair in the sink!
Shaving with Dad! A favorite morning activity!
Aunt Kelly came for a weekend visit to help with Rex and Myla and to play with Quinton. I'm not sure who laughed more, Quinn or Kelly. They were pretty goofy together and I know that Quinn had a good time! She is a pretty fun Aunt! She brought sour gummy worms, goldfish and even baked with Quinn!

Kelly resting with Myla!
Kelly resting with Rex.... I promise she did more than just lay around all weekend! She chased Quinn EVERYWHERE so she deserved to lay down for a few minutes!
Kelly and I took advantage of the beauiful day and put all the kids into my cool new stroller and walked to get a coffee. I'm sad that these nice days are leaving us!

I have no idea who taught Quinn to smile like this... crazy boy!
What a goof! He for sure has some Miller blood in him... that must be where he got his love for coffee!
Myla and Rex enjoying a the beautiful day!
What a handsome boy!
My pretty girl!
Hanging with Mom!
Our bubbles are almost gone, it must mean that winter is approaching!
Wearing Aunt Kelly's Vikings jersey. Showing a little support for his favorite team!
Quinn still LOVES shoes. It doesn't matter what kind as long as they are too big and fun to walk in. He had Kelly and I on the floor laughin as he attempted to walk in her cowboy boots.
Trying to get out of the boots.
Trying on a friends boots.
We could not be happier with how life is going. I am still hoping that Rex and Myla get better at taking their full feeding by breast to save us a little time and allow more time for playing but overall, everything is great. It's crazy to think about how according to their due date they are not even supposed to be born until this week. What a wild 8 weeks it has been and its so crazy how we could not imagine life without them. I'm sorry for the crazy amount of pictures in this update, I'm just a proud mom I guess!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

B's.... Babies, Baking, Bloody Noses, Boogers, Big Brother, Bubbles, Big Boy Bed...

B's...Today's letter on the Wee Rude is B and the number is 3!
B stands for... Babies, Baking, Bloody Noses, Boogers, Big Brother, Bubbles, Big Boy Bed, Baths... and well, the number 3 is for the number of children who keep me constantly on the go but who I love like crazy.

The Rude house is a little messier and a little more chaotic but we are all doing great! Quinton is slowly but surely adjusting to life as a
Big Brother and will even go and push the swing or give one of the Babies a pacifier. These are little accomplishments but we are pleased with the Baby steps that Quinn is making.

Dan is in heaven here holding all 3 of his Babies!The Babies are doing wonderful. They are growing like CRAZY and it seems like they are eating all the time. The doctors said that if they keep gaining weight as fast as they are that we will have some 50lb one year olds... but they are not worried, they said that premies tend to gain weight faster to catch up so we hope you enjoy watching them grow, we sure are! They are having a little more awake time and we enjoy singing songs to them and Quinton likes to find all of their facial features. Rex and Myla enjoy cuddling together!
Babies doing a little tummy time while looking at each other
Beautiful Babies
Almost like being back in the womb...Rex taking all of Myla's space and Myla trying to push him around!
Bloody Nose!
Quinn got his first Bloody nose the other night while wrestling around with Dan and I. He didn't get to upset but wanted right back in the game! It was a fun time for the three of us and Quinton charmed us with tons of laughter.

Thank you Nana for the good idea to wash dishes together! This has become a favorite past time which usually results in a change of clothing but a fun time for Quinn.
Washing the dishes!
Quinton put on an apron and practiced some baking with my friend Angela the other day. They made Blueberry (sticking with the B theme) muffins.
I think we will be doing a lot of Baking through the winter months.
Check out his cool apron from my days at Starbucks... its quite Big but gets the job done and Quinton feels pretty cool while wearing it!
Big Brother getting close to Rex and Myla... just checking them out!Being Goofy with Daddy
We are not sure where Quinn learned this but when you tell him to smile he squints his eyes and makes a funny face... I'm blaming Dan!
hmmm... what a smile from my favorite 18 month old!
Quinn found a pan and wore it as a hat. The funniest part was that he kept running into things and laughing hysterically!
He likes to show off his legs!

Quinn's new hat for winter! He still loves being outdoors despite the colder weather. And he still loves getting messy. They only problem is that he HATES Baths. The poor boy screams and screams. We have tried everything. We don't even wash his hair anymore in the bath thinking maybe it is the water in his eyes. A friend gave him a Bubble machine for the Bath, we bought tub markers... NOTHING WORKS! Anyone have any other ideas?? This boy needs a good soak in the tub!
Big Boy Bed!
Thank you Aunt Dana for helping out with Quinton's new
Bed! Although he is not in it regularly, an occasional nap is pretty fun! We went with the cars and planes theme. They seem to be some of Quinton's favorite things! I can't believe how Big he is getting!
Dan and I could not be happier with all of our kids together. We are in the midst of our first cold for Quinn and I and are constantly wiping Boogers and hoping that Rex, Myla and Dan don't get it. But other than that we are enjoying every minute of our life, including the middle of the night feedings that Dan and I get to do together. We have grown quite fond of our late night/early morning "talk time" where we get to catch up on life!
We love our 3 kids and the journey that we are on with them... we just wish that we each had 3 more arms!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Fun with the Rudes

A quick blog update showing life with the Rudes.

Myla and Rex hanging out.

They both are doing great!

Quinn walking with Papa.

Off to the pumpkin patch!

Meg took a break from the babies.

So many things for Quinn to check out.


All the fall colors.

Great fun!

Burrito babies.

Checking each other out.

Lunch with Nana.

Trying out the new triple stroller. Quinn gets the best seat!

Everyone is happy!

Check out the baby production line...