Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Our Little Super Hero

Once again this outfit is from a friend. I couldn't resist putting him in the Spiderman PJ's and snapping a few pictures. How fun are these! I think they will be more appropriate as the weather gets warmer! We can't wait for that!!

He is trying to get into a spiderman position... how do you think he's doing?

So Excited!

Quinton playing with his little friend Kai. Kai really wanted to sword fight so we had to explain to him that Quinton was too little to know how to do that. Especially considering that he is holding the wrong side of the hook to fight. Oh, the things we will have to teach him! I think that the days of playing pirates are closer than we think!

Mr. Messy

A good friend of mine has a little boy who is 7 months older than Quinton and has given us a lot of clothes for him to wear. This t-shirt was in the box of clothes and I figured it was rather appropriate for this stage in his life. Not only is he on the move and getting into absolutely everything he can reach, he is also enjoying feeding himself which is a messy feat. Today, he successfully pulled himself up on our couch, now the only problem is making sure that he doesn't fall and crack his head. He is discovering that he does not need to stay laying down when I put him down for a nap and he will sit and play for a while before eventually crashing. He has also discovered the stairs, thank goodness for baby gates, and he thinks laundry baskets are fascinating. He loves our floor vents (we have an old house with big wooden floor vents) I'm sure in the future we will lose many toys down there. He has also take a liking for my swiffer duster.

Oh the joys of being on the move!!

I don't mind that he likes my swiffer duster, I will just have to teach him where to use it and not to eat it!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Man on the Move!!

Well, my life has changed drastically in the last two days! I went from being able to leave the room, even run downstairs, to watching his every move just to make sure that he doesn't get into something dangerous. I don't know what it is about babies but they are drawn to danger! He instantly goes for outlets, cords, hairdryers, he tries to pull himself up on shelves that are unstable, without constant supervision this boy could do some serious damage. But I think he's enjoying his new found freedom and We are enjoying watching him explore. Today he crawled over to a shelf that we have and proceeded to pull all of my shirts off the shelf... what a fun game! He seems very proud of himself as he discovers more. Our little boy is getting bigger!

We also enjoyed a walk outside today. It was 50 degrees here and absolutely beautiful. Again... I can't wait for summer!!

Here is a video from this morning so you all can observe his progress!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

You Have to See It To Believe It!!!

Well, there is nothing pretty or fast about Quinton's "crawling" but believe it or not he is doing it. I mean after all this time I'm going to give him the credit and call it crawling. The boy is trying so so so hard!!! We had to tempt him with a cookie, but hey it got him to move. Occasionally I will leave the room for a minute and come back and he will have moved a significant amount so I have begun the stage of not leaving anything valuable on the floor because whatever he finds goes right into his mouth! Check it out and see for yourself... QUINTON'S CRAWLING!!!!
Dan is speaking in Spanish to Quinton, if you're wondering what he is saying!

Feeling Better!!

After a rough start to the year, I think that the Rude family is finally on the up-swing from all the sicknesses we were suffering. Viruses were relentlessly attacking our house and we passed them around multiple times. But a couple doctors visits, five bottles of pedialite and a few hundred phone calls to the nurse hotline and we are back to 100%!!!

Dan and I continue to grow in our love and adoration of Quinton. Neither one of us can believe that he is already 10 months old. He continues to amaze us and bring so much joy to our lives. We are entering the "No" stage and even that has been wonderful as we see his personality emerge even more. He makes it very clear what he likes and does not like and seems to think that ANYTHING that his dad does is hilarious. Dan can always make him laugh... sometimes I think Quinn thinks he's the fun parent! But never the less we have our fair share of good times. He has become quite a help around the house and has taken up sweeping my floors for me with his clothes as he pushes himself around our wood floors. He is especially good at getting under the couches and the table!

My Favorite Picture :)

Check out all this hair I've been working on...

Just the sweetest!


Just making a few phone calls!!

You would think that with all this drool there would be some teeth coming in.... but as far as we can tell no teeth yet. But that fact definitely doesn't stop this boy from eating. He is enjoying every kind of food... especially whatever his dad and I are eating! He does not enjoy green vegetables, but neither does his mom, it must be in the genes! He does however enjoy being in his diaper so we are anxiously awaiting summer when Quinn can shed all the layers he's been wearing. I think maybe all these clothes have been holding him back from crawling :)