Quinton Daniel

Quinton Daniel is our EXTREME jumping, daddy wrestling, unbelievably fast running, singing at the top of his lungs, constant drumming, guitar playing, outdoor loving, sibling protecting, constantly encouraging, awesome imagination, incredible at leading, oldest blessing. 

He was born in March of 2008, 3 weeks early and only 9 months and 2 days after Dan and I said "I do." He made our hearts experience love that we never knew was possible for a person. We have been crazy about him since day one.

I have never met a little kid with the leadership and imagination of Quinn. "I have a good idea," is a common phrase out of his mouth. And his ability to execute his ideas and get his siblings and friends to follow is amazing. Everyone wants to sit by him, be his friend, and be around him. I can't blame them! 

Quinton is a fabulous big brother. He watches over his siblings in such a loving way. He wrestles with Rex, plays house with Myla, and will do just about anything needed for Titan.

He is fun loving, kind hearted, 100% BOY! I am honored to be his momma! We can't get enough of our little stud!