Sunday, October 27, 2013


I just can't help it.
I can't just post a picture or two, I have to post tons and tons of pictures.
I'm blaming it on the number of kids I have, plus the fact that they all have incredible smiles and joy on their faces that must be shared, and that my camera takes lots of pictures quickly making the whole moment worth sharing.

Doesn't this picture just make you smile. 
The joy on Rex' face must be shared. 
There is just something beautiful about children jumping into leaves. There is a certain innocence about it. You don't have to tell them that the only appropriate thing to do when there is a big pile of leaves is to run and jump in it, they just know. You don't have to tell them to grab a handful of leaves, throw them up in the air and twirl, they just know.

I love that. 
The mild fall afternoons have still allowed for some outdoor play time. The cold mornings remind me just how much I dislike the winter. We are hanging onto the last few nice days and making the most of any chance we get to go outside.
Jett is sporting a 4-5 YEAR old hat. I recognize that it is a little big but it also tells you that these five kids of mine all have HUGE heads. Full of brains. 
Jett enjoys just taking it all in and being near the action.
Quinton seems so grown up to me these days. I still love when he acts like the sweet little boy that he is and sings nursery rhymes and snuggles in my lap. He's will always be my little boy!
They wanted to get their goggles out so that they could really swim in the leaves but they decided to just dive instead.

I always love the times when all five of them are together just enjoying each other.
In this house you must always be ready for action.
Rex is dominating Titan.
A beautiful fall afternoon with five of my favorite people. My heart delights in them! 

Monday, October 14, 2013

The Corn Pit

We had a family day at Center Grove Orchard the other day. 
We enjoyed all the different activities, packed a lunch and spent a LONG time enjoying being together. I have more pictures of the all the other activities but the highlight of the day was the CORN PIT.
As far as the pictures go, I don't think they need much explanation.
I can't get enough of these smiles. No words are needed....
I simply love watching my kids being kids. And I LOVE family days. This was a sweet day! Thankful for all our blessings.