Monday, June 25, 2012


So, here it is, our big family news. Our 5th and final blessing is on the way. We are excited but I have been feeling pretty horrible which is why I haven't posted anything in two weeks. Any free moment I have been sleeping and sleeping and sleeping and sleeping. Running after 4 children and trying to grow another takes about every ounce of energy that I have. I don't think I've even opened my computer since the last post. I have a few little ones under the weather today snuggled up watching a show so I had a quick minute to share with you how blessed we are. 
Blessed, exhausted and just a little bit crazy :) I can't wait to share more about our growing family, soon. For now enjoy these faces, they light up my life!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Pool Pass

The Rude's are now proud owners of a POOL PASS. We just refer to it as the, "Big Pool." We have only used it 3 times in the last 5 days ;) And get asked just about any free moment to, "please go to the big pool?"I don't think that I see an end in sight for their excitement either. I think they are just little fish.

They love it. They are so happy being in the water. The fun thing about having a pass is that we are able to go for an hour or the whole day. After naps yesterday we got everyone changed and loaded up and went and swam for an hour before our late dinner. All four of our wee ones really enjoy it.

I haven't been able to take any pictures at the pool because we are pretty preoccupied with our three jumpers and one little babe. I don't feel stressed being at the pool, we just have to constantly be watching. I took them by myself the other day and as usual they were fabulous. They did a great job at sticking together and doing things that everyone could do. Of course it is always more fun when Dan gets to go with us and they can do bigger jumps, go in deeper water, have more one on one time to practice swimming. 

Quinn is getting so bold in the water. Last night he put on a pair of goggles, threw a dive stick in the water (not in deep water) and the first time he went under with the goggles on he stayed under for at least 3 seconds. It was crazy. Dan and I both looked at each other in amazement. Then he proceeded to stick his face under and go grab him dive sticks time and time again. 

Myla is also pretty bold, sticking her face under the water, jumping off in the deep water. She is the one I must look out for the most. She seems to have no fear. Rex is getting braver but tends to be our most hesitant one. He is usually content just staying where he feels safe. And Titan doesn't have much of a choice, he just goes with the flow and sticks on my hip most of the time.

We also replaced our little pool at home. Dan picked it up at Walmart the other day. So now every waking moment my children are in the water or eating watermelon, or eating watermelon in the water. If I'm not careful they really might turn into fish. Oh summer is a beautiful thing.
 Rex tends to be a little bolder in our little pool at home.
 Quinn needing his pool ring!
 They get pretty creative in their sliding techniques.
 My pretty little fish.
 I love the look on her face as she is getting splashed by the water.
 Rex gets, "so chilly" the quickest.
 Crazy haired Titan.
 My favorite way to eat watermelon, in the pool. They clean themselves while eating.
 My sisters say that Rex is sizing up his prey before he eats it.
 Titan's a happy guy.
 The sweetest twins getting cozy.
Oh I love my little water babies. We are excited to be hot and sweaty. Anyone is welcome to come and enjoy a day at the pool with us, you won't be allowed to relax and catch a tan but you will catch some pretty cute kids and see 4 smiling faces. Blessed momma I am! Loving summer.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Officially Summer

Watermelon and the splash park, summer has officially begun. 

Although we have been eating watermelon for about a month now, we are now getting the full summer experience because we are eating it outside with their shirts off and then hosing them off afterwards. Sigh, I love it. 

I just love my hot, sweaty kids that have dirt and stickiness in all their little creases. 
 I love the juice dripping down their little chins.
 They tend to love it "big" as they call it. Eating it off the rind.
 Titan tries to eat the rind.
 Rex laying his eyes on probably his favorite food in the world.
This boy's hair loves the summer too. It just curls up like crazy. I love his thick curls but I'm thinking he needs a little trim. He has so much hair.
 He is so stinkin handsome.
 Displaying to you that watermelon will make him strong.
 Rex displaying the juice dripping down his chin onto his chest. It's all part of summer.
And quite regularly as my children are eating one piece their other hand is holding the next piece, just to make sure no one takes it.
Then there is the splash park.

Oh how we love water on a hot summer day.

Titan has never gotten to enjoy the splash park before and he slept through the first hour and twenty minutes of it in the stroller. I can't blame him, napping outside is always a beautiful thing. I'm always thankful that he can still nap when we're out and about.

I didn't get any good pictures, but just wanted to quickly document that we were at the splash park.
 My only picture of Q.
 Hannah McGargill and Rex.
 Titan wasn't sure what he thought of all the water and action.
 Rexy trying to get him to relax a little.
We were joined at the park with about 10 of my friends and their kids. Again, isn't summer great? We tend to see more people than usual at the park and the pool.

This last picture is of my friend Molly. Molly lived with Dan and I when we first got married with her new little baby Asa. Well, Asa will now be 5 in August. She now has an 18 month old Emmett and is expecting TWIN GIRLS soon! I am blessed by her friendship and how the Lord has paralleled our lives so much. I keep telling her what a blessing twins are. I'm looking forward to snuggling her two little girls. 
It's officially summer. We are looking forward to many, many more days at the pool and sticky with watermelon.  Oh, just thinking about the fact that it's summer makes me smile!