Wednesday, March 24, 2010


What an amazing two years it has been.
Dan and I could never have imagined two years ago what an amazing blessing being parents is and how so much joy can come from such a little package...

Here is a reminder of how wonderful the past two years have been and how FAST they go by!

Quinton Daniel Rude
Born March 24, 2008
6 lbs 12 oz

Some of the first captured smiles!

First trip to Arkansas... I think he enjoyed it!
First Rude Family Vacation!

First modeling shot...

First sister weekend with his Aunt Kelly and Aunt Dana

First Winter

First Christmas

First Superhero PJs

First new pair of shoes

First trip to Kansas City

Looking Silly

Wearing Papa's hat in Arkasas

Enjoying a Popsicle

First muscle shot

Loving Watermelon

First taste of ribs...I think he liked them
Being Sweet

Loving Daddy time

First bloody nose

Second model shot

Double fisting some muffins

Getting messier as he gets older

Some Two year birthday shots...

Playing with birthday balloons

frosting birthday cupcakes

Two and Terrific!

The first thing that Quinton said this morning over the monitor was "Mommy, where are you?" and then when I walked in the room he said, "Happy Birthday Quinn!"

Happy Birthday Quinton!
Quinn truly does bring so much joy to our lives, we thank the Lord every day for him. He is one of the biggest blessing in our lives. We are excited to see what the next year holds for Quinn and how he grows and changes.

Friday, March 19, 2010

So Much To Share...

So Much to share...
The babies had their six month check up. Both look fabulous! Rex weighed in at 17 lbs 14 oz and Myla at 13 lbs 10 oz! Amazing to me considering that they both have more than tripled their birth weight! Rex is 50% for weight for a 6 month old and 90% for height and Myla is 20% for weight and 50% for height. We are so happy with that report!
We have enjoyed the nicer weather (although it snowed last night again) but this week it was in the 50s and even 60s one day. Beautiful! Quinn asks from the moment he wakes up until he goes to bed, to go outside. He will bring us his shoes or try to put on his jacket, letting us know that he is ready to go! The babies love the outdoors too. There is just something about the fresh air that is calming and so enjoyable.

All three of them got a little taste of summer with some cantaloupe. The babies had happy tongues and were covered in drool. They get frustrated when it slips out of their hands but they sure do enjoy it. Rex enjoying some melon!

The babies take turns sitting in Quinton's seat while we are playing outside so that they can watch all the action. I think that Rex was enjoying himself!

Myla enjoying some melon!

Looking so sweet in the front seat!

Myla is still lacking in the hair department, my boys seem to be taking it all. Rex is sporting a bald spot on the back of his head (a good thing though, for a while he didn't enjoying being on the back of his head so this is a sign that he is on the back of his head more!).

Quinton's hair still is curly and beautiful. We are hoping that he keeps his curly hair as he grows up! Quinn continues to be a big helper. He is quick to help wipe up a spill or to wipe off his hands, grab a toy for the babies, or shove a pacifier in their mouths if they are crying. He also good about telling us when his diaper is dirty or when he has a booger. Usually he says, "Big booger Quinn." In the middle of the night he woke me up over the monitor to let me know that he had a "big booger Quinn."

Quinn is also getting very good at pretending. He feeds his little toy animals, he pretends that he has gum in his pocket and he puts it in his mouth to chew it (not sure where he learned that...), the other morning we were eating cupcakes off of Myla's pajamas and dinosaurs off of Rex, a delicious and nutritious breakfast!

Dan and I are also learning that you don't have to teach kids to lie. When we can't find one of Quinn's toys and we ask him where it is he usually says, "Rex/Myla took it." Although right now it is not a very realistic answer, someday soon it will probably be true.

Quinn has no problem getting dirty very quickly while being outside. He is trying out his birthday present from Aunt Kelly, a new big box of chalk!

We had just come back from music class so Rex and Myla were still in their seats but enjoyed the outdoors from their seats.

What a precious little boy!

Quinn enjoys when Dan takes him to church for a little drum practice! Actually he just enjoys anything with Daddy! The moment that Dan comes home he is put to "work" playing and running around. Quinn sure does love his dad!

Quinn also likes to tell us that practically everyone has "stinky feet." Anytime anyone comes over and takes off their shoes he comments that they have stinky feet. Funny little boy!

Dan enjoying all his babies!
Quinton and Leighton are great friends. They play so well together. Leighton came over to play last Saturday so that Christy could go listen to Luke speak at church. We had a wonderful time. It makes my life easier having him over because they entertain each other.
Both boys love to climb and jump on things so we made a little fun game with our couch cushions. The funniest part was when they would erupt in giggles, but especially when one of them would fall or bump into the other one. Fun little boys! I'm glad they are such good friends.

Quinn enjoying a little baking!
I went to check on the babies and came back to find our cookie dough covered with sprinkles and being invaded by animals...
We had some fun visitors last weekend. My Aunt Sue and cousin Beth stopped in to meet the twins and do a little playing. Quinn put them to "work" playing in his room!

Quinn is getting quite good at making the letter Q. Here is an example of his penmanship

Quinn was dancing with a little toy frog while I was singing!
Clean brothers bonding in Daddy's Chair!
The Rude family had an exciting week last week. Dan's parents, Tim and Nancy, have been foster parents to two little brothers, Connor (2.5 yrs) and James (1.5 yrs), but last week they officially became Connor and James Rude. So technically they are Dan's brothers and Quinn, Rex and Myla's uncles, but just to make things easier we just call them cousins. They are sweet little boys. Quinn loves playing with them and we are so blessed to have them in our family. What an exciting time!

I was not very faithful in taking pictures at the event but this is Connor at lunch afterward. A handsome little boy!
We are thankful for the growing Rude family, the healthy babies, the warmer weather and the incredible God that we serve!

Monday, March 8, 2010

The "Rudes"

I feel like my kids change so fast that even if I updated the blog every week that I would still leave out so many things that they are doing and saying and how they are changing. I can't even express how much my kids steal my heart every day. The smiles, the tears, the giggles and the cries... I enjoy them all x3... I'm pretty lucky!

Quinton never stops talking! This week he started saying his name, "Quinton Rude" along with saying "Daddy Rude, Mommy Rude, Myla Rude, Rex Rude." It is pretty cute how he says it, although he will also say "Leighton Rude" and many other people are "Rudes" according to Quinn.

Everyone here is doing amazing. The babies are 6 months old which blows my mind! Everyone who I talked to with twins before Rex and Myla were born told me that the first six months were the hardest... well, they definitely were busy and at times a little overwhelming but I didn't think they were as hard as I was told they would be!

Rex and Myla enjoy eating their fingers, blankets and toys. Quinn has graciously offered them his own fingers for snacking on, what a generous big brother!

Quinn continues to copy everything we do and say. The other day he was looking at a book and I looked over and he was licking his fingers to turn the page (although he was turning the page with the hand that he didn't lick... kinda funny) but he had seen Dan and I doing that when we read to him so he decided to do the same! Funny boy. He can now count to six and is able to write a somewhat legible Q! While he does it he says, "circle, line, circle, line"

Quinton's phrase lately is "____ where are you?" that blank is filled with Daddy, Mommy, red birdie, moon, toys... Whenever we go outside at night he says "Moon, where are you?" when he can't find a toy he is looking for he says, "Truck, where are you?" and so on. The other afternoon while enjoying the nice weather we spotted a red birdie and watched him for about 20 minutes and then the rest of the night Quinn kept asking, "Red birdie, where are you?" Funny Boy!

Amber and cousin Hudson came over for a visit. Many have said that Hudson and Rex look alike... what do you all think?

All in their PJ's relaxing together!

My Little Boys!It was right before bedtime and Dan was reading to Quinn and I was getting some milk warmed up and Rex crashed on Myla. What a sweet thing!

Rex and Myla are sharing already!
A new way of having all three babies in the bathtub! Quinn wanted to sit in the bumbo and both babies were in the little tub. A fun activity for all!
The babies both enjoy the "jumperoo." Rex is getting close to weighing enough to actually jump. But Myla on the other hand won't weigh enough until she is ten... ok maybe not ten, but by the time she weighs enough she probably will be moving on her own. She is definitely a Wee Rude!

My Beautiful Eyed Baby Boy!
Rex doesn't take a pacifier but he does find comfort in falling asleep while trying to lick his sleeve... funny little boy!

We live in an old house and our floor vents were very fragile. Quinton and some of his friends ended up dropping toys down there and then trying to get them out themselves... well after a few times of that the vent covers broke and the result was a HUGE hole outside Quinton's bedroom, a trap for anyone walking in our house. Well, we all know that Papa is quite handy... Little did we know that he even knows how to make vent covers. He quickly found a solution to our huge hole, a piece of wood with some holes drilled in it and a little bit of staining and we now have a sturdy and beautiful vent cover!

Quinn used to walk by the vent and say "happened" because everyone that came over would ask what happened, now when he walks by he says proudly, "Papa made it"Dan getting a little after nap cuddle with everyone!

Quinn and I have ventured back outside again, thanks to a few nice days. He enjoyed kicking over my snow towers that I made.

Helping to do a little ice chopping
He's already ready to play basketball!
Well, life is never boring or quiet here and for that I am truly thankful. "Daddy Rude, Mommy Rude, Rex Rude, Myla Rude and Quinton Rude" are all doing wonderful. We are truly a blessed Rude Family!