Saturday, May 17, 2014

The Rudes + 2 Goats

Meet the two newest Rude family members.
We spent Easter celebrating the rising of our Savior with the whole Rude family and Dan's parents two new goats, Princess and Lady.

I love this next picture of Titan. He could not get enough of the goats. 
All the kids had such a blast running in the goat pen. It may come as a shock but my kids were absolutely FILTHY but oh so happy!
It was absolutely perfect weather here to celebrate together. It was such a fun afternoon/evening to be outside running around Grandma and Grandpa's huge yard.
Titan might be a natural farm boy! Thankfully his momma doesn't have to get any farm animals and we can just drive to grandma and grandpa's to get our animal fix.
We are so blessed to have such a big Rude side of the family. The kids have SO MANY cousins their ages so it is always a big party!
Myla and Brielle are only a couple of weeks apart. They both have great blue eyes and their crazy hair makes them hard to tell apart from behind.
Rex enjoying the goat pen.
The best at I could at getting a shot of the whole family!
Dan and his mini me.
 Uncle TJ, Dan and Titan hanging out on the swing.
 Beautiful Aunt Jessica!
 Uncle Steve, Hudson and Elsie.
 There was an intense game of basketball between all the cousins.
 Quinn showing off his skills.
 Grandpa refereeing the game.
Titan got his own game of baseball going and sweet talked his grandpa into letting him bring home the baseball T (they had an extra). We have put it to great use over the last few weeks! Even Jett knows how to put the ball on and knock it off.
 The night was complete with an Easter Egg hunt.
 I love the excitement for a pack of fruit snacks!
Like I said earlier, everyone was absolutely filthy! I love watching all these kids love each other!
Brielle and Titan sporting faces full of food and dirt!
And proof that Jett and I were there we snapped a picture with my sister in law Amber and her daughter Elsie
The four sister in laws! Amber, Kearstin, Amanda and myself. I really love these women and feel so blessed to be a part of the same family as them!
We loved celebrating the resurrection of our Savior with almost all the Rudes. I'm sure you will see more pictures of the goats to come. They are talked about often around here! Blessed by a great Rude family!