Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My Walking, Talking, Shaving, Swimming, Muscle Boy!

I could add a lot more to the title of this entry, but that is just a glimpse of what life is like with Quinton.... BUSY!! but we sure do love it!!

The picture above is Quinton trying to imitate his dad by flexing his muscles. But the video is priceless!! I hope you enjoy it!

He is a walking man now and I am pretty sure that he thoroughly enjoys the freedom that comes with walking. He has also tackled climbing onto the couch by himself and if there is a railing he likes to climb up stairs on his feet now. He is totally a hot shot!
Here is a walking video from a couple of weeks ago. He has gotten even better at walking since this video!

Quinton's new favorite treat is a Popsicle! He loves them... especially when he gets to hold them himself. It usually requires a bath or getting hosed off afterward but it keeps us cool in the summer!
What a joy he is!
Watching airplanes has become quite a popular past time in the Rude home. Even when we are inside and he hears one go by he points upward. Although sometimes a lawnmower is mistaken for an airplane. But we sure do spend a lot of time looking up in the sky for them. Every time we have planned to go out near the airport it has been bad weather but we are hoping to get out there soon and watch some planes!

Although the bib covers over half his body he still manages to get the popsicle everywhere!!
Enjoying his Popsicle!

We have not blown up his kiddie pool yet (I suppose getting a pump would help in that whole process). But his baby bath had served us just fine. Between that and the hose we have plenty of fun with water! Sometimes I even sneak a bath in while we are outside, the tricky mom that I am!

What a wonderful day we had! After church festivities were over it was off to the pool for the Rude family. Quinton LOVES his dad and enjoyed playing in the pool, swinging and just being with his dad! He had a special treat earlier that morning and got an early lesson in how to be a MAN from his dad as he learned how to shave!! Dan is truly an amazing father to Quinton. He likes to toughen him up a little and he makes sure that he gets wrestled around a little bit and picked on! They truly are the two biggest blessings in my life! And I cannot wait to continue on this journey of our growing family with Dan!

This picture does not capture it... but Quinton really did find the whole shaving experience pretty entertaining!

Quinton LOVES bubbles. He will grab them off the shelf in his room and say bubbles as he walks to the front door. He finds it quite fascinating to pop the bubbles!

My Little Helper in the kitchen!! He was sitting on the counter while I cut up the strawberries and he just needed a few to snack on!
I just had to take this picture... I can't believe how big my baby is getting! How precious he is as he sleeps!
Even before we discovered that twins were on the way I was on the look out for a cradle to have in our upstairs (Dan and I sleep upstairs and the babies rooms are downstairs) for when the babies are first born. I stumbled upon a FABULOUS deal and walked away with this beautiful wooden cradle and bedding (although I hope to make new bedding) for $15. Needless to say I was thrilled. It doesn't appear very big in the pictures but in person two babies will be fine sleeping in it together for a couple of months. From what I hear, twins prefer to be together at least for a while. I can't wait to fill it up with Wee #2 and #3!!

Some girlfriends were thrilled with the news that we are having a girl and have already gone shopping for girl clothes!
We are now 22 weeks along with the twins. Please continue to pray for a safe pregnancy. Even in just one week they have become such a part of our family. We can't wait to meet them!

Saturday, June 20, 2009


I am sure that the word is out by now but this past Thursday the Rude family received an exciting but shocking surprise... We arrived at our 4th doctors appointment (our first appointment with an ultrasound) and quickly discovered some amazing news... we are expecting not just one healthy baby but TWO BABIES!!! A perfectly healthy little boy and a perfectly healthy little girl! Wonderful additions to our growing family.

The slightly ironic part is that I have always told friends that I wanted twins and I prayed for twins and hoped for twins but never expected to be blessed with twins. I have even told Dan multiple times this pregnancy that I was getting way too big way too fast that there must be two babies on board. The night before our ultrasound I said to him that I was feeling movements all over my belly and that there must be two babies in there... but seriously never expected it.

So we are thrilled by our news! All of the sudden the end of our pregnancy seems so much closer. But despite the many changes that will need to be made in our lives, Dan is such a solid rock in trusting the Lord that He will take care of us and provide for all our needs. It is pretty exciting to see the Lord bless us in such an amazing way... I mean two kids, one pregnancy... what could be better!!

Quinton is going to be a wonderful big brother and if these two babies are anything like him we cannot wait to welcome them into our family. Quinn has set the standards high in our minds for cuteness, sweetness and all around best kid so we are excited to see how two more children steel our hearts. Dan and I cannot imagine loving any child as much as Quinton... but I do hear that it is possible and we are so excited to make room in our hearts for two more lovable little ones. We hope that you all share in our excitement and we cannot wait to share our growing family with you... although we hope that it's not till at least 36 weeks!

More pictures to come this week... just a lot on our minds :)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

June Visit to Arkansas

Quinn and his folks visited Nana and Papa in Arkansas. We all had a fabulous time! (click photo to enlarge)

The real exciting news is Quinn is beginning to walk! This video was not his best effort, but the push toy seemed to throw off his balance.

Wearing Papa's hat.

Hanging out on the boat with Nana.

My first swim in Lake Balboa (it was very short).

Splashing in the big stainless steel bowl on the deck (just like my Mom used to do).

Then Dad tricked me and turned it into a bath - I was not happy.

Whew - Mom saved me.

Nude with Nana!

Back in the lake!

Popsicle on a hot day.

Fun in the rocks.

Driving the boat with Papa.

Sniffing the flowers with Nana.

Time to say goodbye....