Wednesday, April 29, 2009

New Shoes!

We purchased Quinton's first pair of walking, big boy shoes yesterday! He had been borrowing a friends shoes up until this point. Let me just tell you that I didn't know that shopping for shoes for a one year old would be so difficult and stressful! But Quinn is the proud owner of some stylish new Saucony tennis shoes!

Check out how cool they are!

He has mastered standing on his own, now we just need to work on that first step! Hopefully these cool new shoes will be the ticket to his walking success!

Just eating some rocks in his cool new shoes!

So Much To Share...

For those of you who don't already know, Quinton is going to be a big brother! We are 14 weeks along now and anxiously awaiting Wee Rude #2. Our due date is October 28th. Thus we needed to change the name of our blog to The Wee RudeS! So keep baby #2 in your prayers. This picture is how was shared the news with our families!

Quinton is growing and changing so much! Every day he discovers something new or tries something new and my goodness this boy has a great memory. He remembers exactly where all the things he is not supposed to get into are and almost like a magnet he is drawn to them! Our pantry is just some open shelves in the kitchen and he loves to play with all of my canned goods, but the other day he found an open bag of spaghetti and this was the result...
(click to enlarge)

Quinn thought it was quite facinating how easily he could break the spaghetti into pieces. Needless to say but I am still finding pieces of broken spaghetti in my kitchen. It is a hard thing to pick up! But it was a new and exciting discovery for Quinton!

Dan loves to give Quinton his bath and on this special day he decided to see which hairdo best suites Quinn... feel free to share your thoughts :)

First we have the center part!

The comb-over look...

The combed back look...

A little mo-hawk...

Or some prefer a head covering...
I think Dan and Quinn have way too much fun in the bathtub!

We are so thrilled now that the weather is so much nicer outside and we are enjoying walks with friends and exploring the great outdoors! Quinn is very into pointing at EVERYTHING these days so we often play the game "point and follow".... he points and then we go wherever he points and before we get there he is pointing in the complete opposite direction. Everything is so new and exciting!
His goofy new smile!
He loves his dad!

Hanging with mom!

Quinton's first experience in a swing!

If you can't tell by the look on his face... he loved it!

Playing with his friend Eliza!

What a stud!

Quinton's new hiding spot underneath our console table! (don't worry those outlets are not active)

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Quinn in Kansas City

Papa and Nana made the trip north to Kansas City to babysit Quinn while Meg and Dan attended (and officiated) their friend's wedding. We all stayed in the same hotel, so we got to spend a lot of time together!

Quinn and Nana checking the 12th floor view (click on the photos to enlarge).

Bedtime on Thursday.

Some story books with Nana.

And some cuddle time with Papa.

Quinn still loves music, but we couldn't get him to dance. Check out his new cheesy grin (as if he could get ANY cuter).

Friday we headed to the KC zoo.


Quinn was not too crazy about the sheep.

Some Dad time before the wedding.

Dinner at Panera's - Quinn loved the food.

Then some story time with Papa.

Quinn got a new camp chair from Bass Pro Shop.

Quinn would push it around the room.

Eating goldfish. Check out the top teeth - they're ready to pop!

Fun with Nana...