Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Henry and our New House!

We have a new addition to our family!
Dan and Quinn went to the pet store to look around the other day and came home with a green little guy, Henry. Henry is a frog and my boys new favorite entertainment. He is only allowed to come out when Dan is home, I want nothing to do with him. Quinn, Rex and Dan seem to think he is tons of fun. Myla enjoys watching him but preferred to eat her apple a watch rather than getting in the action. I can't blame her!Henry's belly... icky!

Quinn and Henry

Rex reaching into the water to grab Henry!
I'm hoping that Henry don't live long...

Myla keeping her distance

We went to the zoo today and it was the first time that Rex and Myla really enjoyed looking at all the animals. They made their barking noise at each one! Kind of funny. But I was so glad that they enjoyed watching the animals.

My three wee ones

Here are some pictures of our awesome new house! I only took pictures of the main floor because all of my babies are sleeping (and until this moment I forgot to even think about taking pictures of the downstairs)! More pictures to come of the upstairs and downstairs! It is pretty amazing because when all is said and done with the MUCH lower interest rates we only pay $24 more a month to live in a MUCH larger house.

Since we now have two living room areas we put our old living room furniture in the basement and we were fortunate enough to get new living room furniture (the leather chair we already had) but we got new couches and an awesome new ottoman with 4 DRAWERS in it so that we don't have toys all throughout our living room! I LOVE IT!

Our dining room.... it is carpeted so we have to be careful with our wee ones. They eat most of their meals in "high chair row" which you will see soon!

We still need to get our pictures hung but other than that most things are in their place!
You can see where our front door is and then where the stairs are. Down that hall on the right is a half bath and our laundry room and then into the kitchen.Our LARGE and awesome kitchen.
I have so many cabinets I don't even know what to do... ok well I have filled them all but I was so excited to have so much space!

It is funny because our first house had the tin back-splash and now our new house does too.

"High Chair Row"
The hope is to put a counter top there and some bar stools eventually! That way my kids can eat some meals there as they get older. Door to the garage.

More space.
The left entry way leads to the table and the right leads to the bathroom and laundry room.

HUGE and open and awesome! We LOVE it! We are keeping our eyes open for a swing-set.

Again, our large backyard.

Our enormous deck! We have eaten many many meals on it and hosted friends! We have gotten TONS of use out of this deck already and don't plan on stopping, well, the snow might stop us but we are not planning on that for a while.

One of my dad's projects while he was here was building a gate for our deck (on the left). It has been so great. I am able to let my kids play out there while I make dinner and I can see them through the window but they can't get off the deck. They LOVE being out there. I think that it is Quinn's favorite "room" in our house!

This is Rex and Myla's Birthday present.
Nana and Papa gave them a kitchen and some play food. Dan and I have eaten many delicious meals made in this kitchen! Rex and Myla have not quite grasped the idea of cooking things but they enjoy eating the play food!
Well, I think that it can go without saying that we love our new house, but more than that, we LOVE the people in it. It seems like it is always filled with love and lots of people. We are truly a blessed family of five!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Nana and Papa

Well, we have moved!
We moved into our new house on the 9th but just got our internet up and running yesterday! It seemed like we had a jump through a lot of hoops to close on both house, get our internet and TV working, and get everything switched over to our new house but my faithful husband worked long and hard to get everything done! Dan put a lot of time into closing both houses! I am truly thankful for all that Dan did! It has turned out great and we LOVE our new house! It is such a blessing!

We have been hosting people since 5 days after moving in! Thanks to my wonderful parents, we were settled in VERY quickly! It has provided us with SO much more space! We have enjoyed running laps around our house daily (the rooms are all connected so Quinn, Rex and Myla can crawl around the whole main floor!) Quinn calls it the "Boo game" when we run one way and scare the babies or Daddy and then run the other way! Quinton runs so so so many laps around our house every day! Funny guy. We have enjoyed the LARGE backyard and deck (pictures to come), all sleeping upstairs, a large kitchen, a main floor laundry room, and tons of playing space!

Nana and Papa came for a week!
I am pretty sure that they both left EXHAUSTED!

We were very blessed to have them come before we moved to help us finish packing and cleaning and then help us get settled into our new house!

My Wee Rudes especially LOVED their week with Nana and Papa!
We all enjoyed many coffee runs, although our new house is no longer close to my parents favorite coffee place, park dates, adventure walks, and good quality time with Nana and Papa.

Quinton still ADORES them and loves all the extra attention!
Quinn and Papa being silly!

Quinn is so funny and has a great memory!
In our new house we have some storage areas upstairs that Nana suggested would be good to store games in. Well... for the next few days Quinn would walk by the cabinets or remember them and ask Nana where his games were. So, on a Target run Nana bought Quinn two memory games. We have enjoyed learning how to take turns and find matches! Maybe Christmas will bring more games for his cabinet!

Enjoying some books with Nana and Papa

Myla and Daddy looking so cute

The Rude Girls

Rex and Myla LOVED the park. They spent most of their time crawling back and forth through this little tube. Rex especially thought it was just awesome!

She's beautiful

My kids got lots of loving
Nana and Rex

Papa and Myla

I think that my babies are getting a little big to be three in the stroller. Myla is no longer thinking the bottom of the wagon is fun and I'm pretty sure that Rex kept pushing her the whole ride.

These are pictures from Rex and Myla's big day!
They enjoyed their cupcakes and balloons! Both made a big mess!!

My sweet one year old boy!

Mommy and the twins

Daddy is so excited to have one year olds!

Messy Myla

Well we are enjoying our messy one year olds and our now two and a half year old (on September 24th) in our new house! We welcome any visitors if you are in the neighborhood (if you need our address let me know). I will be working on posting some new pictures of the inside of our house soon... just too much going on!

Thank you Nana and Papa for all your hard work and for staying for a whole week! We really enjoyed your help and all the play time!

Friday, September 3, 2010


I cannot believe that my babies are one today!
What an amazing year it has been! I could not ask for better babies

I remember talking to different mothers of twins when I was pregnant and they all told me the same thing... " the first year is awful and you can never go anywhere..." Well, I definitely don't agree with them. Although there have been some times that required a little less sleep and a little more patience, I have LOVED being a mother of twins, even in the first year. It was been tons of fun and I'm pretty sure that it has not slowed us down at all!

Look at how tiny she was!
3 lbs 8 oz... just a wee one!

What a handsome boy!
5 lbs 9 oz... a big boy!

It's amazing how quickly I forget what it was like to have such a little baby!

Just looking so peaceful!

Home at last!
They always loved being together!

It's so funny how they looks so different and have such different personalities!

Quinton adores them. They are all going to be the best of friends as they grow up!

They have the cutest profiles

I love when they start to smile!

Rex and Myla have made our lives so much more wonderful!
They are the sweetest babies with tons of personality! It is so amazing to see that even after being "womb mates" they are still so different. They have made having twins truly amazing. I get a little teary eyed thinking about how quickly this past year has gone. It really does seem like just yesterday I running back and forth to the hospital and feeding them an ounce for their whole meal. Now days I don't think an ounce of milk would suffice for even a few minutes.

Happy Birthday Rex and Myla!
Dan and I thank the Lord for them every day. We are a truly blessed family! We are excited to see what the next year has in store... I have a feeling life won't slow down but it will definitely continue to get more and more exciting!