Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Are You Still There?

It has been over a month since I have sat down at my computer. Just busy brewing a baby, chasing 4 other ones and attempting to stay awake without feeling horrible. Doing all those things at once is an incredibly exhausting task.

We have stayed quite busy making the most of our summer which basically means water, water and more water. We LOVE the water. I'm not the first mother to say this but when in doubt, when we are not sure what to do, when kids are crabby, when we need time to fill, pull out the hose, head to the pool, or let them stand at the sink. Water makes my kids happy.... and wet. 

We have thoroughly embraced our pool pass. I cannot even express how much we enjoy the big pool. It was the best money we spent all summer. Totally and completely planning on it again next summer, even with #5. My children have taken off swimming like little maniacs. I'm fairly certain that Quinton and Rex spend more time underneath the water than above it, not joking. They come up for air, then straight back down again. It's incredible. 

It's been so fun to see the confidence that swimming on their own and under the water has given each of my children. It is fun as a parent to see your child really enjoying themselves and learning new things and conquering fears. 

We are on the Rude family vacation right now. There were two things I wanted to do on vacation, first enjoy my family, second update the blog.  It is something I really enjoy getting the chance to do. 

These next few pictures are quite old but I haven't had my camera out much this summer. Trying to capture any pictures of my children, even when Dan is with us at the big pool is impossible. I am almost always holding Titan and my eyes are glued to my other three children. I have taken all four of them weekly to the pool by myself and we still have a fabulous time. I find it less nerve racking than the splash park because there is more space for all the kids to play and my kids do such a great job of sticking together and doing things they all enjoy that it makes my job easy, splash with Titan, throw a dive stick, catch a little one on the slide and constantly count my kiddos. 

Titan enjoying some mud pie made and served to him by his siblings.
I love messy kids. It must mean they're enjoying themselves, right?
Quinton perfecting his pies.
My three amigos.
My almost three year olds.... ahhhhh
Yes, Titan did sample the mud.
That's what happens when I turn my back. It looks quite similar to the oreo pictures that I took today. I will have to post them for you. Maybe I should have told you it was oreo, then I wouldn't be the mother who lets her kids eat mud ;)
Despite loving the big pool, our little pool at home still is loved and enjoyed by all.
Titan enjoys the water table as well at the pool. He manages the chaos of our little pool and being splashed in the face, tipped over and kicked like a champ. The water table allows me a little break though, I don't have to be standing guard every second making sure he doesn't go under the water.
Our front yard usually looks a little crazy. I guess that just means that we're busy enjoying life, the weather and each other.
Wee #5 seems to be doing well. At my appointment last week the baby's heart was just beating right along. It's a beautiful sound, especially so early in the pregnancy when you don't feel the baby moving, that little heart beat is all the assurance that you get. I find, as I have found in my previous two pregnancies, that I have little time to think about the baby. It's usually the end of the day when Myla wants to talk about all the things she wants to do with her sister (her wishful thinking) and when I start dreading going to sleep (I'm not sleeping well) that I think of #5 and I thank the Lord for yet another little blessing.

I'm hoping to be on the up and up. Into week 13 with this little babe and although I have not felt magically better I have no doubt that the energy is coming back and hopefully the nausea is subsiding. So thankful for summer, the water, my amazing husband and my 5 little wee ones!

Is anyone still there after a month of no posts??