Thursday, February 21, 2013

4 Weeks

My phone continues to be a blessing and a curse. It makes it possible to capture many many sweet moments throughout the day but often times I forget to pull out my big camera. So these are all from my phone over the last few weeks. Sweet moments with my sweet kids. 

We continue to be doing great making the adjustment to 5. Jett is 4 weeks today!  Jett's the sweetest little guy with spit up all over himself all the time. Sometimes I wonder how he can actually be full after spitting up so much. We change his outfit several times a day because it is soaked. It doesn't seem to matter if I burp him like crazy, keep him upright for a while after eating, he still pukes. Luckily it doesn't seem to phase him.

I'm going to apologize for the incredible amount of pictures of Jett. He's just SO STINKIN' CUTE! I can't stop taking pictures. I love how quickly we can't imagine life without him.

These continue to be some of my favorite moments. Nap time with Jett. I simply love soaking up all the snuggles I can get with him.
Wide eyed and ready to go in the car. He, like all my children has done great in his car seat. He slept through 2.5 hours of errands today! He's a rock star!
I have found that bath time in the morning seems to work better these days than at night. Everyone seems happier, it's usually less rushed and at night Jett seems to be a hungry hippo so mornings tend to go better. We even have been doing two at a time so they have more room to play in the bath. There is far less whining when they are not sitting on top of each other!
This was one of my favorite faces that Quinton would make and Jett likes to make it too. It's only appropriate to say, "ohhhhhhhhh," when he's making this face.
Some exciting news is that Jett is taking a bottle! My first three kiddos were never good breast feeders so I pumped for a while and bottle fed from the beginning. My milk started to dry up at  7 months with Titan and it was a HUGE battle (FOR MONTHS) to get him to take a bottle so we are trying to start early with Jett to avoid that battle. I've learned some good ideas from friends. It has been suggested to do a bottle every day at the same time so it just becomes habit. I'm going to work on that. So this picture is especially exciting because this was our first try. Dan is feeding him.
Bottle #2! Don't worry I won't take a picture of every bottle he takes.
This is Jett the other night when I was ready to go to sleep... He's thinking, NO WAY MOM!
Snuggled up in the living room while we play around him. Sometimes I think that he sleeps better with all the chaos going on around him.
My big kids have been keeping busy these days. Titan is at a VERY fun age but he is determined to be involved in everything while means that I am constantly on Titan watch. He is quite sneaky! He loves, loves, loves to climb. He is very resourceful and will flip over baskets, boxes, even the garbage can in the bathroom to climb up on to get to what he wants. Love his determination!

We bake cookies the other morning. My momma's peanut butter chocolate chip recipe. We just call them Papa Cookies. A fun morning.
Jett just hung out in the kitchen while we baked. Yes, he loves his pink bouncer. Only real men love pink! Even pink with flowers!
We have had some crazy weather this winter. The other day is was BEAUTIFUL. We enjoyed a fabulous morning of bike riding, playing ball, Rex tried looking for bugs (he is one bug lovin' boy). It was just wonderful to get some fresh air. Jett enjoyed being snuggled in my arms. Fresh air makes everyone happier.

They are forming a biker gang.
Like I say all the time, Titan refuses to be left out of anything! He just pushed himself with his feet. I have no doubt that he will quickly pick up peddling. Not much gets past him.  He can successfully get on the big kids bikes all by himself and he sits there ready to go. Never take your eyes off this kid!
To say that we still like the Ninja Turtles would be a complete understatement. WE LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Turtles. It is all they play with (yes, even Myla). This was a battle scene that Quinton set up this week. Leonardo is dominating Shredder and Lounge Lizard.
Rex has mastered the art of rolling his eyes. He's such a funny guy! I love his eyes, even when he's rolling them at me!
My big guy and I! He has been battling some sickness for a week now. Fevers on and off. I can't wait for him to be over it. He still is the happiest kid ever even when he's sick.
Titan and I and Jett stayed home from bible study for the second week in a row.  He woke up from naps with a fever. I started to think though that maybe it was all fake just so he could get two hours of alone time (Jett slept the whole time) with mom, a popsicle and a solo skype date with Nana and Papa. This boy is smarter than an 18 month old.
Titan and I had such a fabulous time together. I just love getting one on one time with my kids. They are truly precious. It's fun to see their personalities when they have your undivided attention.

I just love this boy!
A sweet moment from the other morning. Quinn was reading (and making up) a story to everyone. He's a fabulous oldest and loves his siblings.
I will leave you with 5X the cuteness. All snuggled in my bed the other night watching a show before bed.
Thankful for the precious moments that happen every day around this house. Amazing kids I have been blessed with.

Happy 4 Weeks Jett!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Family Time

Having a new baby is a sure way to get everyone from out of town to come and visit you.  Now only if they would all give in and move here then my plan would be a complete success. So far no one is caving in but they sure are faithful visitors. No one can stay away from these precious faces very long.

My parents arrived the day after Jett was born and stayed for a glorious 5 days before leaving Dan and I to fend for ourselves.  My sister Kelly came a few days later for the weekend (and brought her much loved face paint) and my sister Dana and Ryan came the next day and spent the day with us. It was a fun way to welcome Jett into the world and our family! I love getting to be with my family.

It's kind of a tradition that everyone needs to nap with the new baby. Kelly has a picture like this with each of my kids. Precious.
Kelly arrived at bed time on Friday but Saturday morning we barely made it through breakfast before my kids were begging to have their faces painted. This time we ended up with a mean cheeta, a cute kitty and a ninja turtle! Aunt Kelly is too much fun!
A cute kitty!
Dana and Ryan arrive Saturday to spend the day with us. They were staying with Ryan's family up in Ames. They enjoyed lots of snuggles and play time. My parents were on their way back to Arkansas from Minnesota (they had traveled to Minnesota after spending time with us) so my entire family went to lunch and enjoyed an hour or so together before my parents headed on their way back to Arkansas.

These next few pictures so not display my children's finest hour but they were all that I took of Aunt Dana and Uncle Ry with the kids. Myla had just been crying and her facepaint is all over the place, Titan was about to get into his pajamas and looks naked (he has a diaper on), Rex was a little pouty, and Quinton was just a little out of it. I guess that is what you get with 5 children as you are approaching bed time. Quite the picture! It will not be going up in a frame any time soon but it sure is funny!
I was able to get a some nice napping in while everyone visited! There is nothing sweeter than snuggling with a sleeping newborn.
These are a few pictures from my parents visit. Papa was a great sport and played many basketball games. He would do just about anything for my kids. They have him wraped around their little fingers.
Papa getting some rare snuggle time with Jett. He and Nana were alwaying being asked to play a game or ninja turtles with the big kids.
Nana has won over Titan's heart. He seems quite smitten with her and enjoys reading and hanging out with her.
Nana teaching Titan about butterflies.
Nana and my two babies.
Nana snuggling Jett and the big kids playiing legos with Papa.
We were so blessed to have so much help. My kids loved all the extra attention and people to play with them. I love having my family here.

Friday, February 8, 2013

2 Week Already!

How is it even possible that my little Jett Abell is two weeks old already (well, yesterday)?

He continues to win the award for "The Most Amazing Baby EVER!" Eating, sleeping, pooping, puking, just being, like a rock star! I hear daily that he looks exactly like my oldest two, Quinton and Myla. If that continues on as he grows up we know he will be one good looking kid!

I just love the newborn stage. There is nothing sweeter than holding your new little baby, having them sleep on your chest, and just melt in your arms. I'm definitely not wishing for time to go faster these days.
It always amazes me how quickly they change in appearance from when they were born. Every time I send a picture to my family (which happens at least once a day) they all respond that he looks different already. I was certain if I had just one more super cute baby that all my family would move to Des Moines to be closer to him.... that plan hasn't work, but hopefully they will all be back soon for a visit. When there is so much sweetness in one baby people can't stay away too long!
If you notice in every picture there is a little spit up on the side of his mouth. This has just become part of Jett. All my kids know exactly what to do when he spits. They run and find a burp rag and help wipe it up! Such good helpers!
Jett is already out seeing the world in his first few weeks of life. He's been to Caribou (three times), Church, a couple of friends house, my chiropractor, we went to the Science Center with Dan yesterday. He has just joined right in. Quinton reminds me quite regularly not to forget Jett.  I sure hope that never happens.  I was feeling an incredible sense of accomplishment the other morning when I took all five to my chiropractor. I had to be out the door by 8:30 and they all woke up after 7:30. It's the little things these days that make me feel like I can conquer anything!! 
We have loved the last two weeks as a family of 7! Life is so much sweeter with Jett around! Incredibly Blessed and Incredibly THANKFUL!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Titan & Jett

Like I said before, no one will want to mess with Titan and Jett!

These days though the two of them together just means sweetness overload. I am daily in awe of Titan's gentle way with Jett. He is so interested in him and what he's doing and a where he is.

Jett is on night #3 of only waking up once. He loves his momma! My sister Kelly was here this weekend (pictures to come) but she made a comment on how he already seems like a patient baby. Is that possible at 10 days? He really does have a patient way about him and has such a sweet spirit. Just a beautiful baby boy he is!

I realize that I am his mom and might be totally biased in this statement but JETT ABELL IS THE CUTEST BABY EVER! 
I especially love when he is so alert and looking around.
I had laid Jett on the floor the other morning and Titan gladly joined him.
Titan is such a goof ball!
Honking Jett's nose!
 A different brotherly snuggle session!
Cheesin it again.
This was taken today after church. Titan has his nice clothes off (so is almost a nude boy) and is getting ready for naps and Jett is sporting a new sweater that was knit for him by a family friend Angie McMullen.  A sweet gift from Angie. Titan asked to hold Jett and then wanted him laid on his belly. It was quite the funny moment!
Titan just adores his little brother!
Jett is such a good sport!
Titan turned a year and a half yesterday. He is a "big boy." He refuses to sit in his high chair quite regularly. He wants to sit at the table with the big kids. Ty asks all the time for a song or to dance. He can't help but start to wiggle any time music comes on or you start to sing. It's the funniest thing, the boy loves to groove. He has new words daily, which is so much fun. I love hearing all the new things that he tries to say. He always has a huge smile on his face and LOVES any minute with his Daddy. He is usually the first one to the door when he hears Dan unlocking it when he gets home!

I took my two babies to the doctor this past week. Titan fell in the 98% for height, weight and head circumference. Jett is doing great at well, gaining weight better than the average baby. I guess those Rude boys are built sturdy! I might have to stop feeding Jett so well, I don't want him to grow up. I just love having such a sweet little baby.
I am loving both my babies. Incredibly thankful for how smooth the transition is going to five kids! I am one blessed momma.