Thursday, December 9, 2010

Fashion Diva!

Girls are way more fun to dress than boys!
Myla now owns a pair of Jeggings!
I LOVE my jeggings and my friend Anna Judd found some for her little girls so now Myla has a pair too! We looked very cute together in our jeggings and boots the other day.
I am excited for her hair to keep growing so I can add more bows, pig tails, braids, although I have heard from friends that doing little girls hair can be a difficult task! I am up for it!!
She is pretty cute with her pink head band and dimples.

Ruffles and skirts are fun too.
She had a cute ruffle zippy the other day and a ruffled skirt, cute tights and boots.
Such a Fashion Diva!

Boys are fun too!!
It's funny how now I just move things right from Quinn's closet to Rex' closet. It was just last year that Quinn wore this shirt.
Difficult to see in this picture, but Quinton's sweater is a very cute zip up.
Fashionable twins enjoying some bread at church

Rex' new favorite place to go, underneath Quinn's highchair.
He is such a goof ball.
And of course, the best head of hair I've ever seen on anyone!
Dressing my children in such fashionable clothes is so fun.
It will be interesting to look back when they are all grown up and laugh at the jeggings and the different fashions that are totally out of style. Oh well, for now they are looking very stylish.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Time Flies...

Time Flies is a very true statement.
Sometimes I look at my children and I think, I was just bringing you home from the hospital, how are you walking and talking and making jokes. I love each one of the stages in life I just wish they went a little slower.

I was asked the other day if my life has calmed down from a year ago. It definitely is different than a year ago. A year ago Dan and I were still waking up at least two times a night to feed two babies, I was still pumping, we were not leaving the house much, and we were still trying to get life figured out with three. Well, I feel like life with three is a piece of cake, that is NOT implying that we are not busy. I think that we are busier now than a year ago. But I think that we have things pretty much figured out. My life is not hard, I just have to be on my toes. There is no blinking and no rest until the hours of 2-4:30ish and 9:30pm-7:30am. It is different now, I can clean up after lunch while they all play together in the living room and they walk around and come say hi to me. We can read books all together (Rex doesn't have a long attention span). They like to help me vacuum and Quinn loves to help cook. Rex and Myla understand A LOT. They like to help put toys away and they LOVE to put anything, especially diapers, into the garbage. So I don't think that my life is calmer these days but it is very different and it just keeps getting better.

Quinn is still my "drummin man."
I'm not sure any of you can completely understand unless you spend a day at my house how much drumming actually goes on here. He is crazy and he loves it! He now usually gets a few boxes to drum on so now he has a drum set!

Last weekend the Redskins (Dan's team) played the Vikings (My team). My parents got Quinn a Redskins shirt and my sister Kelly got Myla a Vikings shirt so I didn't want Rex to be left out of the football theme so he wore a Razorback shirt. The Vikings ended up winning so my head was held high.
A proud little fan
They are going to be football fans!

Handsome... all his Arkansan fans will be proud
A drumming Vikings fan
Quinn and another drum set
Quinn always thinks it is funny when you are putting on or taking off clothes and whatever color the clothes are he will say he has that color hair and then he wants to look in the mirror. Funny little guy with blue hair!

Myla is my book worm.
She LOVES books. She is SO SO SO funny. She will grab a book and then walk right over to you and turn around and back up into your lap. She is so funny the way she will back into you. One of her favorite things to do is sit in front of the book shelf and read. She also loves to grab a dinosaur or a lion and come growling after you and of course, wants a reactions from you. We always say that she is "gettin you"
After two crawling boys, these jeans are ready for the trash after Rex. The rips in the knees are fine but then on the right he broke all the way through with two big holes. I guess that means they are loved and we got our money out of them!
We had a great Thanksgiving. It feels like ages ago. It was just out family, Tim and Nancy (Dan's parents) and then Dan's younger unmarried siblings, Julia, Jessica, TJ and then the little boys Connor and James. Quinn enjoys the little boys. They played football in the living room and trains and had lots of fun.
They all liked wearing the helmets.
Even Rex joined the big boys.
We got a surprise visit from Aunt Dana and Uncle RyRy the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. They were on their way to Burlington to visit Ry's family and stopped here for lunch. It was wonderful to see them. Ry had never seen our house so it was fun to show him. My kids enjoyed seeing them. It got Quinn VERY excited for Christmas.
My boys enjoyed trying on Uncle Ry's hat!

Rex is super goofy. Again, I wish that every one of you could experience my children. They are so fun and so funny and it is hard to document it all on a blog. One of Rex' funny things is he used to like putting his head down on ground without his hands and do a head stand type thing with his feet still on the ground. Now that move has turned into crawling with his head on the ground. He thinks is it really funny with an occasional bump of the head! Quinn and Myla like to join in. They all think its funny.

I brought out play dough the other night but found that the picnic table in the kitchen was much more entertaining. We flipped it over and made a boat out of it, crawled under it, jumped off it.

Although I don't like that time is flying, we are looking forward to our time in Arkansas. Two weeks from today my whole family will be together! Looking forward to it!