Monday, April 29, 2013

8 Hours

We spent 8 STRAIGHT HOURS outside Saturday, 6 straights hours yesterday and 6 today! I can barely get my kids inside to go to the bathroom. They are just breathing in the fresh air and loving every minute of it.

My twins were passed out by 7:45 the last three nights and all five were sleeping by 8pm. Exhausted children are a wonderful thing!

I don't think there was any outdoor toy that we didn't play with. What a blast. Quinton has been asking for over a month now to play in the pool. They have been playing in it without water all week so I finally caved and filled it up for them yesterday. If you want to see my children excited all you have to do it throw them in water and after a long winter of not swimming. They are ecstatic!

I unintentionally made it like bath water. It worked to my advantage though and made for an extra long play time in the pool.
We have swimming lessons starting at the end of May. I'm hoping that little Miss Myla will become better at putting her face under. At the very end of the summer she got a little braver a couple of times. I'm excited to see how she does this summer.
After jumping in the pool for a while they sunbathed on their towels. I am out of practice with sunscreen and they all had pink cheeks and shoulders.  Sun-screening five kids every day all summer long is going to be quite a task. I'm hoping that my big kids will become pros at helping each other get all screened up! 
What a little goof.
Titan didn't love the pool but I have a feeling he will warm up to the idea.
Swimsuits and riding bikes!
Sweet friends.
I have a feeling that you will see a lot of pictures like these all summer long, Rex in goggles...
Quinton in goggles!
Now, if swimming makes Rex completely ecstatic then I don't even have words to describe what swimming + bug hunting is.
Rex took a quick pool break to catch a little bug. We named him Bullet because he was a quick little guy.
Check it out!
Admiring his catch!
Catching some rays.
They all could barely hold their eyes open as we talked with Nana and Papa on the computer the other night. Friday is supposed to be back in the 40s, what is happening with this weather. I think we can say that we are making the most of every minute of sunshine. Loving the sunshine with my five little sunshines!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Jett's 3 Months

3 Glorious months being the mother of to my sweet Jett!
His personality seriously cannot be more wonderful. He is the most pleasant little man. He is amazing at making eye contact with whoever is talking with him. People have told me that for quite a while but he just loves watching whoever is around him. Jett has begun to roll both directions. He doesn't do it often but can and of course we all cheer for him when he does!
Jett joined Dan and I on a afternoon/evening date the other day and smiled the entire time. He seemed so pleased to have constant eyes on him!
He continues to amaze me with his go with the flow personality. He is already sleeping well on the go, does well inside, outside, at the park. He delights in the chaos all around him and everyone delights in him.
Not sure why these next few pictures are turned!
He is sleeping a glorious 8 hour stretch usually followed by another 2-3 hours. And when he does wake up to eat I am greeted with a sweet smile.
Time is flying and as we enter into warmer weather it only seems to go faster.  The other day my children and I were talking about all the different things we have to look forward to over the next few months and all the sudden we were talking about the 4th of July and fireworks. I had to stop them for fear that if we kept talking that time would go faster.
Recently, Jett wore and outfit that all 4 of my boys have worn. I bought it for Quinton to wear to my sister Dana's wedding 5 years ago. It's crazy because I can remember different occasions that they have all worn it. Fun memories with all my boys.
I think Jett is sick of me taking pictures. 
I just wanted to capture all the different sweet faces that I see daily for you all to enjoy.  We just delight in our Jett Abell. I'm still loving my daily snuggles with my perfect little baby!
 Blessed and thankful mother of five!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Artistic Side

My kids love to do crafts. 
However, these days, Titan makes crafting a little more complicated. If Titan is awake then the craft must be "Titan Friendly!"

We are desperately waiting to go outside and enjoy spring but while we wait for the rain to stop and the warm weather to come we are crafting. 

On this particular day I decided to give Ty some paint and a brush and be committed to a bath afterward!
I think that over the years I have become more and more ok with a big mess especially when I know that my children are enjoying themselves.

As you can see, Titan is not one of those children that doesn't like to be messy. This boy thrives while making a mess!
I just love this boy!
He did do quite a lot of painting on his picture as well as his body!
Rex is wonderful at coloring. He does great with markers at staying in the lines and switching colors. Even with paint he does fabulous at staying in the lines!
Myla's masterpiece at work.
It is much easier to paint on the floor in the kitchen without clothes so that I don't have to try and get paint out of everything.
I cannot wait until we can paint outside on the deck and then I can hose them off afterwards! Now that sounds like a blast!
I think it's safe to say that Titan got to explore his artistic side on this particular day! Could we maybe have an abstract artist on our hands?
Love these kids and their smiles!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Nana and Papa

 Nana and Papa.
Just saying their names brings huge smiles to my children's faces. So you can imagine the excitement when they come to visit. They are up at the crack of dawn every day that they are here just ready to snuggle, play and have a blast. They cannot get enough of them.
I delight in seeing their love for each other. In the past Titan has been quite the momma's boy whenever my parents are around but since Jett arrived he adores them just like the others. My dad said that Jett's arrival was the best thing for his relationship with Titan. Titan quickly won them over in a few short days with his charming ways. He has a way of winning just about anyone over

Titan is convinced that he is can do anything that his older siblings can do. Who needs a baby swing when he can already ride on the big kid swing!

And the big kids still like a swing in the baby swing. Funny how things work!

This is Rex' look when he is trying not to smile at you!
We enjoyed our typical Caribou visits and made the most of the warmer weather. Quinton opened up his birthday presents from them, a soccer net with a ball, hockey sticks and puck and a bean bag game for outdoors! We broke them all in and have practiced with them all week!
 Titan and Nana.
 I just love Myla's face in the next picture. Pure Joy!
 My precious five year old.
Nana is always a blast. She is right in the action running around with them, teaching them to jump rope, play new games and always have a blast. 
I just love this next picture, too bad Jett was sleeping inside and didn't make it for the picture. Check  out Quinton's model pose!
Getting 4 or 5 little children to smile all at the same time and to capture it is quite difficult. 
 Here is an attempt with all five of their grandchildren!
My beautiful girl!
 Jett's a little happier.
It was a wonderful visit. We are all looking forward to our mid-May trip to Arkansas. My children keep talking about their plans when we go there. Gotta love family! Blessed to have such amazing parents.