Friday, April 30, 2010

The Sweetest Things!

The sweetest noise in the world is the sound of my kids giggling!
The belly laugh that makes your side ache and you're laughing at them laughing! It is a beautiful thing and happens a lot around our house these days. Quinn can find just about anything to laugh at and when he starts going Rex starts going and then Myla and then of course Dan and I can't help but join in. It really is quite possibly the sweetest sound to my ears!

The sweetest girl!

Myla sporting our friend Noah's hat!
Rex enjoying a little grass time!

The sweetest twins!

Rex trying to "get" Myla according to Quinn. Whenever Rex or Myla try and reach for Quinn or something that he has he always laughs and says that they are "gettin' him"

The sweetest thing is seeing your kids enjoy each other. Although the twins can't quite keep up with Quinton, they do enjoy interacting with him and Quinn does allow them an occasional ride on his motorcycle!

My little boys!
The sweetest thing is when my favorite two year old talks to me about Jesus and how he died on the cross for us but how he is still alive. It is wonderful to read him bible stories and to have him remember them and talk about them!

Quinn can still turn anything into a guitar!

Dan has been working with Quinn on his baseball skills.
He is turning his into quite the ball player!

My friend Yvonne and her son Noah came over to play the other night. It turned into quite the event, baseball playing (Quinn even pitched to Noah and he would hit it, very impressive), getting dirty in the sandbox, and getting clean in the bathtub!
The sweetest thing is enjoying the company of a friend while your kids are having a blast. I think that Noah and Quinn will be great friends as the years go on!

Quinn and Noah had quite the fun time together in the bath!

Noah's first experience shaving. He looks like a pro!
Quinn and Noah had some good giggles after bath time... the sweetest noise! What a fun night! I am so thankful for good friends!

One of the sweetest afternoon sights in my house is three sleeping babies! There is something so peaceful about watching your children sleep. Sometimes I want to curl up next to them and snuggle!

I love all the sweet faces, giggles, conversations and moments that happen in my house everyday!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Two Speeds!

We have two speeds here at the Rude house, fast and sleeping!
It is so amazing at how quickly everyone is awake and ready to play and how quickly everyone can fall apart and then fall asleep! It's also pretty crazy how the fresh air and running around can wear them out! They all have been taking longer naps after spending more time outdoors!

Rex and Myla have now moved to sitting in the bath. I have a seat that helps them sit in the bath. Since Rex is still a little more unstable he gets that and Myla is on her own! They actually do great and it allows for a little more room for Quinn.

Check out these two smiling babies!

Myla still has dinner on her face! Check out her blue eyes!
My favorite two year old!
My youngest stud!

Three in the tub!

We are loving the great outdoors. The babies love sitting in the grass and watching Quinn kick the ball and run around!

Our neighbor graciously gave us her grandchildren's old picnic table and sandbox. We have already put it to good use. Quinn has enjoyed many lunches and snacks sitting at the table and has gotten very dirty playing in the sandbox!

I have been drinking the little V8 juices (because i am not a fan of veggies!) and Quinn thinks that they are pop so once they are empty I put water or juice in them and he thinks that he is the coolest kid!

These days a bib should be required to hold Myla. She is a drooling mess! She can soak the front of her outfit in a matter of minutes! Still no teeth for her though!

We are all looking forward to summer fruit! Quinn is a very polite boy! He has started to say "No thank you" all the time. The funny part is that he thinks that by saying, "No thank you" that he doesn't have to get his hair washed or come inside or put toys away. We are working on that!

Quinn playing in his new sandbox. We are still in the process of getting sand toys but cups and spoons work for now!

Rex has taken over the superhero role in our house right now, sporting Spiderman, I think he looks pretty tough!
Rex also had his first tooth pop through this week!!

I would say that he likes his PJs

Another manly moment documented! Quinn is now putting some makeup on Rex!

I was asked once if my children ever wore pants (or shirts for that matter...). Yes, they do! They do however nap without pants on and after nap time they usually eat and while they eat it is much easier if they are wearing no clothes! And funny moments often times happen after naps or while eating and therefore many many pictures are without pants or shirts on!

Quinn has enjoyed helping me feed the babies. I told him that he needs to wait till they open their mouth for another bite before he tries to shove another bite in their mouth!

Quinn still loves shoes!

Rex is still more of the calm and mellow one! He and Myla are pretty funny these days. Myla is still a funny little girl. I can put a lot of toys in front of the two of them and Myla will steal them all. She will also steal toys from Rex's hands and always seems to want the toy that he has. The funniest thing is when I give Rex a new toy Myla will start to cry. She is a sassy little girl but so much fun!

Rex and Daddy
My beautiful girl!

Quinn enjoying a cookie!

Well, my house just woke up so I must get going. I hope that you enjoy the new pictures of my three studs!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Cheers to Firsts...

Cheers to the first popsicle of the season, the first ice cream of the season, the first black eye from a big brother, the first wedding of the season, the first bloody nose of the year, the first worm holding, the first brother tackling,

Quinn is on a "Cheers" kick these days. We cheers everything, cups, bikes, toys, chairs, practically anything that you can bump together gets a "cheers" these days... I am not quite sure where he picked that up, but I am guess it is from Nana and Papa, they do a cheers every night! The other night our dinner guests had no rest, constant "cheers-ing" was required by Quinn!

I am always amazed how fascinated people are by twins, well it's either the twins or my really amazing stroller, I think some people have never seen a triple stroller before! But seriously, everywhere we go people oooo and ahhh over them. I had some women corner me in a parking lot the other day while I was putting everyone back in the car. They told me all about how their niece was expecting twins and kept asking for advice. Kids are always a fabulous conversation starter and the twins/my incredible stroller seem to strike up conversations left and right!

My Sweet Twins!
I am amazed by my twins too. They are sitting and laughing, eating and making a huge mess, they are enjoying their brother, funny little babies! Our good friends Joe and Jill McGargill just had their second child Josiah John yesterday. He was born at 32 weeks and weighed 3 lbs 3 oz. He is in the NICU so you can all keep him in your prayers. We are excited for their family and anxious to meet Josiah! But looking at pictures of Josiah remind of of how little Rex and Myla started out and how amazing they are doing now! We have only the Lord to thank for their incredible progress! He had an amazing plan for our babies and we are excited to see His plan for little Josiah!

Myla sporting some of Quinton's old PJs (Rex was too big to wear them!)
Quinn and Rex having their first wrestling match!

Quinton trying to help Myla...

We have been enjoying many summer activities and clothes even though it is only April. I kind of jumped the gun on getting summer clothes out but we have had some actually HOT days so we have enjoyed the tank tops and shorts, popsicles and ice cream! We have an ice cream place near by that we walk to and enjoy a treat at during the summer.
Quinn seems to have dirt in his ears, in his diaper, in his nails, in his hair and the babies seem to always be finding new places to hide their rice cereal and green beans, and of course we all enjoy a popsicle and ice cream cone... and that means many many many more baths!!

My three clean amigos!

My Manly Men!
Brothers enjoying their first Manly Moment together!
Quinton was helping Rex "get ready" for the day. Rex was enjoying the pink bouncer while Quinn curled his hair!

Quinn got his second bloody nose the other day... first one of the year! Dan put some sympathy kleenex up his nose for support!

We went to our first wedding of the Spring season the other day. I think that we have 18 weddings over the next 6 months with Dan officiating 12 of them... a busy season of life!

Quinton LOVES his Uncle Jason. Jason and Quinn had a fun time playing together at the wedding!

People often say that Rex looks like Jason...Any thoughts?Quinton enjoyed the rolls at the wedding!

Big news for me... I am officially finished pumping! I pumped for over 7 months and praise the Lord the babies got 7 months of breast milk (or as all the nurses at the doctors office call it, "pure gold"). I cannot tell you how freeing it is to get up and go and not have to worry about it. I am so thankful though that I was able to feed them for so long but it is so nice to take a little water and a little powder and be done! I

The babies love the outdoors!

Quinton continues to keep us laughing! A couple of weeks ago he tripped and I said, "careful dude!" Well he thought that was hysterical so it has become a common phrase around our house. The funny part is that the other day I tripped and Quinn looked at me and said, "careful dude!" And any time he falls or trips he usually beats me to the punch and says, "careful dude" to himselfQuinn also enjoys counting these days. He tries to count garbage trucks, bugs, gummy worms. He can now count to ten but seems to have a dislike for the number seven. Even when was ask him to specifically say seven, he says, "eight, nine, ten!" Funny little boy!

Another funny Quinn moment... The other day I had put Quinton's play guitars in front of Rex and Myla so they could push the buttons and play with them. Quinn was very anxious to get them back but it is good practice for sharing. I went in the kitchen to get something and Quinn walked in with the guitar I had given Rex, but right away he said, "Rex wipes, mommy, Rex wipes" I went in the living room to find that he had given Rex the box of baby wipes to play with in place of the guitar... fair trade?? Someday soon Quinn will have to do more than give the babies a box of wipes to play with when he wants something they have...

We enjoyed our first popsicle of the season!

Rex got his first black eye from his big brother the other day... actually he just happened to be laying under the guitar when Quinn dropped it on accident. I am sure it is the first of many bumps and bruises these brothers will give each other!

Our house is full of giggles and funny words! Enjoy...

Rex doing a little jumping!Myla doing a little playing!

The babies have learned to hold their own bottles. A helpful little skill when life gets busy! I just think they look so grown up!

April Showers bring... WORMS!

Quinn enjoys holding them... brave little boy!
My life consists of "Top Rack Only" dishes these days. For those of you that are not aware, plastic dishes are supposed to be put on the top rack in your dishwasher. With the babies eating more these days, the top rack of my dishwasher is filled with cups, bowls, sippy cups... it is amazing how quickly the top rack fills up!

Life is busy busy busy. I am convinced that wrinkle free dress shirts for men were invented for people like me, besides the fact that I hate ironing, it seems like a time saver! I am all in favor of time saving things these days!

Sorry this was so incredibly long... Lots to share!

Cheers to the many firsts and the seconds and thirds to come!