Saturday, June 21, 2014


 Quinton Daniel smiled the entire Tball season. (you may have to zoom in to see the smile as he runs!!)
 I delight in watching him run the bases, catch the balls and do it all with such joy.
He is one determined little boy when it comes to sports. He is adamant about trying any sport he comes across. We bought a skateboard at a garage sale for $1. It is pink and purple. If you think those colors would keep him from trying it you would be kidding yourself A friend gave us pink and black roller blades for Myla. They just so happen to fit Quinn and you will regularly find him practicing around the driveway. Nothing will stop this boy learning and mastering something new. I love that about him. I love watching him show me new tricks on his scooter, bike or roller blades, I love playing catch with him, kicking the ball around the yard. There is no stopping this boy.

 We had a great season playing with old and new friends.
Quinn enjoyed being on the same team as his friend Mason and getting to play his friend Harrison's team.
It was fun seeing the progress throughout the season. I had even more fun peeking at the next field over, the ten year old boys. They were amazing. They can throw and hit so hard, so fast. Dan told me to get ready to have my mind blown if our boys decide to continue to play baseball.
They moved to coach pitch after a couple of games and Quinn excelled at that. They would give the kids a couple of chances to hit the ball being pitched and then would move them to the T if they didn't hit it. Q hit every time the ball was pitched except for once in the last six games. I am one proud momma!
 And I will leave you with this picture.
I am so thankful that he lives life with such joy. It is contagious in our house and to others that he is around. I hope that as he grows older and continues to play sports that the smiles only get bigger. My heart delights in seeing my children smile!

Friday, June 6, 2014

The Abells

My wonderful Grammy passed away in May. She lived a full and feisty 95 years. I have so many wonderful memories with her and my Papa in them. Her funeral was a wonderful celebration of her life and a perfect way to bring the entire Abell family together. All her children, their spouses, her grandchildren and great grandchildren were there. 

My kids and I enjoyed a day at my sisters in Madison before heading to Chicago. It was quite a party at Aunt Kelly's house! Five adults and six children. My children loved the excitement of having a big sleepover at Aunt Kelly's.   

Almost all the Abell cousins together. Everyone's all grown up! 
All of my Aunts and Uncles.
My wonderful family (minus the most handsome guy).
My kids were troopers. There was tons of driving, lots of new people and places, lots of being quiet. They were amazing for the four and a half hours to Madison, the two and a half hours to Chicago and the five and a half hours home.  They made my job of traveling alone easy and I am truly grateful for that! We taught Quinn how to change the DVDs and set the big kids up with a snack bag to hand out to everyone. It worked like a charm! 
Nana and baby Jacob.
My momma and all her siblings.
Despite all the craziness of the trip we were able to enjoy the FREE (take note Des Moines) zoo in Madison. We have been a couple of times before and always enjoy it. This time was no different.
There is a very fun play area for the kids to climb and explore. Running, jumping and climbing combined with animals, you can't beat that with my kids!
Sweet Aunt Kelly
Despite the sad circumstances surrounding our trip we enjoyed being able to see so many of our favorite people and to celebrate the life of a wonderful woman all together.