Friday, July 23, 2010


I never imagined that my first child to wear a ponytail would be Quinn but at the rate that Myla's hair is growing she may never wear a ponytail. So Quinn beat her to the punch and I'm pretty sure that Rex is going to be able to wear a ponytail before Myla is too.

Quinton's hair is getting so long.
I am aware that it needs to be cut... just have not gotten around to it. Yesterday I was wearing my hair in a ponytail and Quinn came up to me and asked for a ponytail in his hair too. Well, I figured that every boy should have the experience of wearing a ponytail so I put one in his hair. The curls made the ponytail extra cute.

What a beautiful ponytail!

I think that he liked his hair!

He was still able to do very manly things while sporting a ponytail... maybe we will keep it??
Last night I enjoyed a not so quiet evening at home with my kids. I don't think that Quinn stopped moving. I'm pretty sure that if I ran around as much as Quinn did I would be the most fit person around! Our air conditioner was out for a few ours yesterday (Quinn likes to come downstairs with me while I do the laundry and I didn't realize that he flipped the switch that turns the air off in the basement) we got it figured out, just needed to flip the switch back on but that is why he is running around without pants or a shirt on. The funny thing is that Quinn is obsessed with shoes. He changes his shoes many times every day so he is in his diaper and shoes... I'm not sure who taught Quinn to run this way but he sure does get his arms in it. Whether he runs two feet or twenty feet his arms get going!
Rex' teeth are looking great!Kinda fuzzy but she looks beautiful!

Don't they look all grown up??

I can't believe that they are almost 11 months!

The cutest babies around

I'm looking forward to putting ponytails in Myla's hair someday... and who knows, maybe Rex' too!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Myla's Moving

We woke up to some rain the other day. Quinn and Rex were watching the rain out the window and Quinn was singing, "Rain rain go away..." He has a good memory for songs!Myla is on the move and it is pretty exciting.

Both babies have a funny little crawl.
It is fun to see them race over to me or to a toy or a snack.

My handsome boys enjoying a bath together!

Quinton was having a great hair day... I just wanted to share it with you all!
We had an exciting visitor in our backyard the other day. He enjoyed some our of tomatoes and Quinn really enjoyed watching him. It was funny watching Quinn try and be quiet while being so excited!

Rex and Myla LOVE food! They enjoyed some pasta and meatballs the other day. It is funny how fast they will crawl over to me if I have food!
I'm pretty sure that there is no possible way to feed my children without making a huge mess! I've tried and yet somehow they end up with blueberries on their butt, peas in their hair, carrots in their ears, and cheerios scattered all over my floor... oh how easy the days of only bottles were... but they were much less exciting!

Once again fort building is in full swing. Rex' crib becomes a fort almost every morning when they all wake up. Quinn always wants to make sure that Rex and Myla come in his forts. Quinn and I ran errands yesterday and while sitting in the front of the cart at target he gathered some of the boxes of food and said, "look mommy, I in a fort." As you can see, everything continues to become a fort! Creative boy!

It is pretty fun having all my babies moving around. The babies seem so happy having a little freedom and the ability to try and catch of to Quinn.

Friday, July 16, 2010


My children are becoming water babies. We went to the park/pool this morning at 9:30 packed a lunch and played all morning got home after 12:45. By the time we got home and changed my children all passed out... literally, Quinn was asleep on the couch before I finished changing the babies diapers.

We had a blast this morning at the pool. We met our typical group of Friday moms at the splash pool and park today. Quinn enjoyed the playground for a few minutes and then it was pool time.
I am so excited that he is becoming more and more comfortable in the water. He ventured out to the middle ( about one foot deep) but did it all on his own. It was fun to watch him and Leighton get deeper and deeper in the water together.

This particular park provides all the toys which is nice because there are so many kids and if you bring any toys they get lost. So Quinn is trying out a floating fish here!

Myla decided to not take a morning nap at the pool. There was just too much going on for her to sleep! So by the end she was ready to go!

Rex took a nap but this was his I just woke up face...What cute babies!

Getting more and more comfortable

throwing ball in the water with Leighton

Getting ready for some lunch

Rex sleepingI have been getting some constant nagging for a video of Rex crawling. So here you go... Sorry it's not more exciting. I will work on that this weekend. Myla is getting so so close too.

More baby news, Rex now has 6 teeth and Myla still none. Funny how different things happen at different times. They have switched roles too in that Rex totally prefers me at the moment and Myla will go with anyone. It is fun how different they are. But I sure do love being around them. They are truly wonderful and such happy babies (as long as they get a good nap in)

More H2O. My children love the bath. They switch places, go on their bellies, splash, try and stand up, and just enjoy each other. I am pretty much constantly sitting Rex down again and again and again but it is still fun to have them all having fun.

Myla and Rex LOVE Quinton. Pretty much no matter what he does they smile and think he is the coolest big brother ever!! I mean can you blame them... he is pretty great!

Rex doing one of his many attempts to stand up.

He is talented and can even stand up with a fish in his mouth

She is just stunning and she's mine!

Three in the tub

Quinn helped me to do Rex' hair in a mohawk but requested no mohawk for himself.

Getting braver in the bathtub

After the bath I attempted another three in a row in their diapers picture. My idea was quickly over and I don't think that I will get another picture like that for a little while. Rex and Myla are much to into moving these days to sit still for a picture like that!

Beautiful eyes

I am becoming quite the fort master! I even added a door to the fort. It is very helpful for the babies because they like to be able to see what's going on.

We went to the zoo with Dan on Tuesday. It was fun to have an extra pair of hands so that Quinn could look closer and do a little more than when I am by myself. Quinn was excited to show daddy all the animals. I sure do love our Tuesdays. It is always so wonderful to have a fun day together as a family. Look at my boys!

Quinn touching some sort of lizard, snake thing.... hmmm

Not only are my babies now on the move, but we are hopefully on the move. We put our house up for sale last week. We have been praying about it since the babies were born and with the interest rates so low and the fact that we filled up our house a little quicker than planned we thought that this was a good time to get into a house with a little more growing and moving room. We are hoping for a quick sell, although we are very aware that that is usually not the case. It is just quite a job trying to keep a house clean with my wee ones. We love our house, we LOVE our deck but thought that this was a good time to test the waters. So if anyone is looking for a new house in Des Moines let us know :)

Saturday, July 10, 2010

My Fearless Boy!

Quinton is fearless!
He has charmed snakes, climbed by himself to the highest slide in the park, tackled bird baths full of mud, totally fearless!

A friend of ours breeds snakes. Dan and Quinton have gone over to visit them many times but this time Aaron brought over three baby snakes over to our house for a visit. I was a little hesitant to have them at my house to first but Quinn helped me warm up to them right away. He grabbed one right out of the box without even thinking twice. They are not poisonous snakes, in case you were thinking what an irresponsible mother I am! He held them for about an hour and a half, just walking around, scaring the girls that were at our house, impressing the boys that were over, just hanging out with the snakes. I even held one. They are incredibly soft animals. I was impressed by my own braveness!!

Dan and Quinn having a manly moment with the snakes!

Aaron is sitting behind Quinn, keeping an eye on his little snakes.
Look at how happy this little boy is!
Quinn's friend Keira was over and was excited about the snakes too!
A cute little face on Keira

Quinton didn't even want to put the snake down for a drink, as you can see, the snake is just hanging out while Quinn takes a drink.

I even let the snakes into the house with careful supervision!

It is amazing how quickly Quinn has grown up and become so independent. He amazes me daily with all the new things he is doing, the way that he problem solves, although sometimes that means creative ways of reaching things that he wants which means that I can't turn my back on him!
We went to the park the other night with some friends and once again, Quinn proved that he is fearless. He climbed without any help to the tallest slide and didn't hesitate but slid right down!Myla was at the bottom to meet him!

Check out that big slide

What a great smile!

Fearless!Hung out with some friends the other day. Our boys were fearless when it came to getting dirty. Leighton, Malachi and Quinn got covered with mud and water. It is funny how a little dirt and water doesn't matter when your two!

Quinn getting splattered in the face

Check out my muddy boy

Quinton and Rex trying on some sunglasses
Myla and Rex playing togetherThe babies are doing great! I keep forgetting to tell you all...
and Myla is very close! It is amazing how quickly my mind has to keep going to keep up with all of these kids! Rex is thoroughly enjoying his freedom and Quinton has resorted back to crawling around the house to be like Rex. It is funny though if he is trying to come after me and to keep going from room to room he finally gets frustrated and sits down and cries... funny little boy. I can't wait for Myla to do the same. It's fun to watch how they are both good at different things. Myla is a lot more stable on her feet but is not crawling yet. They sure are the sweetest babies

Myla reaching for the camera

A little pool playing

On this particular day, Rex was the only one brave enough to get in.

Quinton LOVED the parade on the 4th of July. He was in awe of the fire trucks, motorcycles, candy. It was an exciting experience.
I will have to post videos of my moving babies soon! Life has just been too busy charming snakes, going to parks, getting dirty. Anyone think we should get a snake for my brave wee one??