Saturday, November 24, 2012

Rainbow Rice

Another thanks to Pinterest. 
Rainbow Rice.
Nothing is more fun than a huge amount of rice to play in, right? Plus you add some pretty colors to it and, Voila, you have hours of fun.

Isn't it pretty looking?
We bought a HUGE rather large bag of rice from Sams Club, I may or may not have some left over (anyone wanting to come pick up the rest is welcome to make some rainbow rice of their own). Followed the directions for making it beautiful, let it dry on the deck (it dried very, very quick) and had over three hours of play time. The hope is to a have just another fun indoor activity.

On this particular day though, we completely lucked out and spent the entire morning basking in the warm November sun. It was perfect, we enjoyed the weather, the new rice and had such little clean up. Like I said, Perfect! My deck is still covered in the colors of the rainbow, lucky for me though, it's all outside!
Holding Titan back from attacking it while I snapped a pretty picture of it all.
1, 2, 3....Go!
Titan felt the need to taste a little bit, but it only took one bite for him to realize it was not something he wanted to eat. Lesson learned.
Again, a hair cut is coming.... Sometime soon. I have no idea what to do with it. They always look so different and grown-up after their first hair cut. Hate to lose my crazy-haired baby.
The fun part about the rice is that we are able to play with ninja turtles, doll house people, animals, all the things that we can't put into the cloud dough because they will get ruined.

Check it out, all mixed up.
Rex testing his feet out in it.
Titan went off to explore. He loves shoes and excitedly tried on Myla's rain boots and then stomped around the deck.
The boy looks good in pink.
After a wonderful lunch on the deck they felt the need to all climb into the rice. Quinton is still finishing up his lunch. We did go through 3 (YES 3) big bags of Cutie Oranges in one week. They all eat them like they are candy.

I love the look on Myla's face in this picture.
And then it was Titan's turn to climb in...
And naturally they felt the need to dump rice on his head. It's a good thing that Titan's a great sport.
We enjoyed the beautiful outdoor fall day and our new rice box. These kids are too much fun! I love being their momma!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Little Bakers

We are already in full holiday spirit around the Rude house. Our Christmas tree went up last weekend, we are listening to Christmas music, talking about all that surrounds the Christmas season, reading Christmas books, and attempting (remember who is writing this) a little baking.

Yes, I have four little bakers. In case I haven't emphasized this in the past, TITAN WILL NOT BE LEFT OUT OF ANYTHING! My youngest, for a few more weeks, is one going on four. He understands EVERYTHING, you can't sneak anything by this boy, he wants to be in the center of all the action. So naturally when baking muffins and cookies Titan is front and center. 
My lovely Quinton.
Monkey see, monkey do.
With the cooler weather and this pregnancy slowing me down we are always looking for fun indoor activities. Despite my dislike of the cooler weather, I am thankful for a winter baby. Being indoors more has allowed me to put my feet up more often which is completely necessary with #5. I am beyond excited to have him in my arms as opposed to crushing my body from the inside!
Rex is growing like a maniac! I just cleaned out all of their closets, one of my least favorite tasks, and over the summer Rex completely passed up 3T size. He is now in 4T pants and shirts. Dan and I both agree that he is taller every time we look at him. He melts my heart.
Yes, she's lovely.
Titan showing off his huge molars in the back!
Everyone working hard.
We were just making simple sugar cookies, the goal was to use some fun cookie cutters (Thank you to my Aunt Sue for the cookie cutters) but staying true to myself we had little success with the cookies looking anything like the cutter shapes so I convinced them that we should make ornaments and we rolled balls of cookie dough and flattened them instead.
Look at this little goof ball. He is amazingly sneaky and the look on his sweet little face tells me that he is up to no good! Typical of this guy.
Caught mid-bite.
Check out these cookies.
Myla working hard with her little tongue out!
Yup, that's more cookie dough he's got in his mouth.
Oh, and Yes I am fully aware that this little boy needs a haircut. I just need to remember sometime when Dan is home and he can hold him down. It is going to be a challenge, that could be part of why I keep putting it off!
Fun is always messy!
We stuck Titan on clean up duty, also known as, water play time!
He seemed quite up to the challenge.
The lack of posts on these sweet little faces is due to the unbelievable amount of sleep that this momma needs. Tired beyond belief, Blessed beyond words. Completely looking forward to the holidays!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Aunt Kelly

Aunt Kelly graced us with her presence last weekend. 
Two things she brought with her, face paint and some funny yoga moves, best weekend ever! 

Having never used face paint before, but adoring tattoos and any sort of accessory, they completely embraced being painted and decorated. Aunt Kelly didn't disappoint with her artistic abilities, thank you in part to pictures from the internet, she turned them into tigers, princesses, and our new OBSESSION, Ninja Turtles. 
Kelly was the perfect visitor, low key, go with the flow, willing to get on the floor and play anything they wanted, so helpful to my aching body, fun, entertaining, and so much fun! We all went out to bagels on Saturday morning and then just hung out and enjoyed each other. No busy schedule just a great weekend. 

Quinton was up first. 
Next was Rex who wanted to be a Red Tiger. 
Check out these scary boys.
Myla wanted to be a princess. How do you face paint a princess? This is what we came up with and she seemed completely satisfied.
Are you wondering if Kelly painted Dan's face as well?

Despite the beautiful work, she was not the artists. My big kids joyfully helped their Daddy out. He is always an amazing sport and at face painting he didn't disappoint. The best part was that shortly after being made up he had to deal with some people who were cleaning out our gutters for us. He made the kids come outside with him so that he didn't look like a crazy man. Love him!
After nap time it was on to the next character to be. Without question the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are the new obsession in our house. I'm not sure who loves them more, my husband or my kids. They all adore them. It's amazing how long they can play ninja turtles and it's amazing at how great my daughter is at staying in the game.
Quinton being transformed into Donatello.
Rex on his way to Raphael.
Myla becoming Leonardo.
Quinn trying to get Titan for a picture.
These boys were thrilled. A little face paint can provide tons of entertainment!
Oh Aunt Kelly was the best. I would have never thought to bring face paint. Notice Titan got a little orange and green paint on him too!
My favorite kids in the world!
Michelangelo and Aunt Kelly.
Kelly got to experience Titan's full craziness. He was so funny while she was here!

And it was only fitting to order pizza for dinner, the Ninja Turtles LOVE pizza, and so do Kelly and I!
Wonderful weekend. I love my sister. She is just a delight to be around and a wonderful Aunt. I am so thankful that she took a weekend to drive and hang out with us. We are looking forward to more time with her at Christmas! So thankful for family.