Friday, June 28, 2013

5 Months

5 Months doesn't get any cuter than this!
My sister Kelly suggested that we nickname Jett, Harry Potter. Jett's room for the past month or so has been our closet. We moved a couple of things out of our closet and into our room and moved his pack in play into the closet. Sleep is VERY IMPORTANT FOR EVERYONE! We have three bedrooms upstairs in our house. Our three big kids share a room and then Titan is by himself. Jett can't join Ty until he sleeps the same 8pm-8am (he's getting really close!). Titan will be so excited to have a roommate. He desperately wants to go sleep with the big kids.

I laugh to myself regularly thinking about how much time I spent getting Quinton's room ready and Jett sleeps in my closet. He doesn't seem to bothered by it. Loved the same, just different accommodations. I'm fairly certain Jett will be better off having slept in such a special little room. 
His 4 month stats (which were two weeks late) he came in as a tall, skinny boy with a big head! And that tall, skinny boy is my perfect little man. If I had to guess who he was going to be built like I would guess the one that he looks like, Quinton. Jett's eyes are still a BRIGHT blue. Daily I am told what beautiful blues eyes he has, to which someday he will say, "I got them from my momma!"
I continue to be in awe of what an incredible little man he is. As long as he can see all the action he is totally content. He may never know the meaning of personal space because right now he doesn't have any. Even after five months his older siblings can't wait to hold him, help me get toys for him, snuggle him, feed him a bottle and talk, talk, talk to him.
I have attempted rice cereal a couple of times and each time he takes a bite or two and then has no interest. For a while feeding babies food tends to be quite time consuming and can be inconvenient. It is just so easy breast feeding or bottle feeding. On the flip side, I love the puff stage when you give them a little puff and they can suck on it forever. Someday Jett will eat food, I'm in no rush.
5 months of sweetness. Can't wait for many more!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

6 Years

6 years of being married to the most incredible man. I mean seriously, he is incredible. I have never met a harder working person in my whole life. Since much of my life revolves around superheros, it would only make sense to compare Dan to a superhero so you all can get a better understanding of the man I married. He's kind of like a real, live Superman. He leaves for work before most people even wake up, he flies through his day loving the Lord, loving people, swooping home if he happens to be driving by to give me a kiss, take a child for a loop on a bike, change a diaper, he loves the hard to love, sacrifices sleep to talk through situations with people, and loves me, serves me, and showers each of our five children with so much love. They adore their fun loving, always ready to play daddy.

one of our first pictures together
 not quite sure what was going on with my bangs in this next one...
6 years of learning how to best love each other. Although I am still crazy in love with my husband, even more than I was when I said, "I do!" six years ago, love is an action. It has to be more than a feeling in order for marriage to thrive. It's cool to see how Dan and I have each grown in learning to love each other, learning to love what's important to the other person, learning to speak each others love language. 
6 years of adventure. I don't think that either of us would have believed it if someone had told us that we would have five kids in five years, lived in two different houses, been a part of an amazing church that has grown tremendously, had children in the hospital multiple times, taken many long road trips with lots of little kids, survived hours awake at night together while feeding Rex and Myla (and watching Cake Boss), lived through lots of chaos and sweet noise and so much more. Our life is an adventure and I can't think of anyone else I would rather be on this adventure with!
6 years of being Rude. I can't say that Rude is that last name that I imagined having when I got married, mostly because my sisters and I always talked about cool Italian sounding last names, but it fits and I like it.
6 years of fun dates and late night talks. 6 years of being lovers, best friends, labor's for the Lord, parents, each others biggest fans.
6 years, I AM BLESSED! 

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Titan Timothy

Titan Timothy is our party dude and a perfect forth child. Age is just a number when it comes to Titan and he doesn't let it define what he can or cannot do. Anything his older siblings can do, Ty can do. Titan has been like that since he was born.

Titan stayed warm inside of me the longest of any of our children 38 weeks and 6 days. Our biggest baby weighing 8lbs 14oz, he came out rough and tough and ready to party. He was rolling over when he was just 6 weeks old and smiling from 3 weeks. He has continued that trend throughout his life and seems to just dominate anything he puts his mind to, walking at 10 months, climbing ladders, jumping off stairs, sitting in a big boy chair. He an incredibly driven and active little man who refuses to be left behind.

I have been told more times than I can count that people just enjoy watching Titan because he has such a fun personality and joyful spirit. I an unaware of a happier and more fun child to be around. He is just delightful.

Titan has a unique ability to remember people's names and situations with people, combine that with his love of being around people and his incredible smile and you've got yourself one social and sweet boy.

One of Merriam Webster definitions of a titan is: one that stands out for greatness of achievement. I think that our Ty lives up to that definition.

Despite being a big brother now, he is still my baby and my heart delights in him.

This is Titan's new updated page. It was about time. The last time I wrote about him was when he was a couple months old. Time flies! Love our little party dude! 

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

She's the Reason...

She's the reason for twirling in our house!
She's the reason that I go through lip gloss a little quicker. She's my favorite person to get ready for a date with. She can't wait to spray me with perfume and help me with my jewelry. She's the reason why my nails get painted, it's one of our favorite girl things to do together, and without her asking me I probably would never remember to do it. I have a feeling that we will have a lot of fun getting fancy together in the future.
She is one of my reasons for smiling and giggling and enjoying life daily. 
She is the reason that my three oldest boys (and I'm sure someday Jett) know how to play doll house, barbies, babies, and house. Every once in a while I will find my boys playing with her doll house or barbies by themselves.  I love that they love to play with her. She's the reason why the Ninja turtles and Batman can be turned into a family and can go for a ride in the Barbie car.
She's the reason that pink is a little prettier in my eyes and that every time I see something sparkly I want to buy it because I know how excited she would be. 
She's the reason why her daddy always buys two roses (one for her, one for me) and randomly surprises us. She's the reason why her daddy uses words like princess and why he talks a little sweeter and gentler than when talking to all the boys.
She's my favorite girl in the world, the one that I jokingly roll my eyes with when the boys are all being crazy. She's the one that I chat, "WE ARE THE GIRLS," with and the one who I love when she screams with excitement. She's our girl. Our sweet, crazy, wonderfully amazing only daughter. 

And here are the sweet and crazy boys who are beyond blessed to have a sister to learn how to twirl through life from.
The will be more amazing little men because of having a sister to learn how to love and laugh with.
They already know how to twirl her around while dancing.
They are professionals at helping her pick out her hair bow for the day. And as you can see in the pictures, they know how to accessorize themselves as well ;)
She's their biggest cheerleader and always has their backs.
She's an incredible blend of sparkles and pretty dresses while ninja chopping and wrestling.
She the best and we are blessed to call her ours!
She's our reason for twirling through life!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to the first man I loved!

And Happy Father's Day to my favorite man in the world! 
Happy Father's Day to my Dad. I cannot imagine a better Dad for my sisters and I. He was amazing at loving us, loving my mom, encouraging us, challenging us, being patient with us, picking us up when we fell down, carrying us when we just couldn't go on, teaching us and making us feel so special. Thank you Dad for setting the bar high for how a man should be in my mind. Thank you for actively loving my mom, my sisters and I.
I am so thankful that my children get to have such a wonderful relationship with their Papa. It's fun to see their love for each other.
And Happy Father's Day to my favorite man in the world. I am in AWE daily of the man that I married. He is absolutely the most amazing Daddy to our five children. I have said this many times before but he is the hardest working man I know and then he comes home and is always ready to play and wrestle and love our kids. They adore him and it's no secret why, he is a man who speaks their love languages. I love that Dan is the same man at home that he is in front of people in public. It would be easy with such a busy job to come home and kick his feet up but he doesn't. He is such a servant to me and our kids, he is never lazy, he is so patient and showers our five kids and I with constant hugs and kisses. There is never any doubt that Daddy LOVES US! 

Dan's first picture as a Daddy!
 Dan holding Miss Myla when she was born.
 Dan lovin' on Rexy.
 Dan and Titan, or little Danny as some people call him.
 Dan holding our last little man, Jett!
I am one blessed woman to have two such amazing Dads in my life. I am a better person because I have been loved by these two men. Thankful for the way that they love and adore my children.

Happy Father's Day to my Dad and the Dad of my 5 blessings.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Dancing in Arkasas

These are the kids that my heart delights in.
 These are the kids that after they go to sleep, I miss next to me.
 These are the kids I love sharing life with.
 These are the kids that I'm truly thankful call, "MOMMY," all day long.
These are MY favorite kids in the world to watch dance their little hearts out! 

They LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to dance. Any time they hear music they can't help but start to wiggle.They each have some pretty incredible moves. During this trip they were obsessed with the movie Rio which has a lot of samba music in it so Papa did a great job DJ-ing on the boat with some Rio music.
I just love their hand moves.
"Let me take you to Rio, Rio..." These are often the lyrics that randomly come out of all of their mouths. Even Titan is a skilled Rio singer.
Nana is quite the dancers as well!
My pretty little girl. 
 Myla's hand motions are incredible! I MUST get them on video. This girl's got the move.
Papa and Rexy enjoying each other!
 Papa and my little dancers.
 I LOVE this next picture of my Dad and Titan dancing. So precious.
 One of my favorite men in the world.
 Brotherly love.
 And I'll leave you with this precious face!

I am done with Arkansas now.  It only took over a month, oh well!

These are the faces and the memories that I don't want to forget. Totally blessed!