Myla Jane

Myla is our wild, sassy, splash of pink in our male dominated house, giggly, brother adoring, baby doll caring, extremely thoughtful, shrieker in good times and bad, drumming, dancing/wiggling, spunky, 2nd born (by a minute), FAVORITE little girl!

Myla and Rex made their appearance 8 weeks early and spent 25 days in the NICU.Despite only weighing 3 lbs 8 oz every nurse that took care of her commented on how spunky she was. She kept them on their toes and continues to do the same in our house.

Myla often times gets nominated to be the monster, the bear, or the bad guy when playing with her brothers and she thoroughly embraces that role. Myla has the unique ability to roll with the boys which will serve her well in this house. She has an amazingly fun personality and will not be left out of anything!

Myla is filled with emotions. I am reminded that the same emotions that cause the world to end if someone bumps her the wrong way are the same emotions that make her so passionate and affectionate towards everyone around her.

I think that the Lord knew what he was doing by only giving me one girl. I have way too much fun changing her earrings, dressing her up, doing her nails, she loves it, I love it. We are destined to have some fabulous girl time as she gets older.

She has captivated her Daddy and I and is sure to be treated like a princess being our only little girl!
Myla in the fall of 2011, age 2.