Saturday, January 24, 2015

Jett's Two!

My baby is TWO TODAY!

I can't even believe those words are coming out of my mouth. How have two years past so quickly? And at the same time, I can barely remember life without Jett Abell.

Jett has definitely blessed our lives in ways that we could not have imagined. Before Jett came Dan and I would have thought we had seen all the different personalities one could imagine. Nope, Jett has brought a whole different flavor to our family. He is spunky, lovey, loud and absolutely hilarious. We also would have thought that before Jett our house was as loud as it could get, we were wrong agin. Jett loves to be heard! Good thing we like a loud and crazy house!
It's a weird feeling that my baby is two. I have always had another baby by now. It has allowed us to fully embrace the stage that our littlest man is in. He is learning new words daily and if we can't figure out what he's asking for he grabs your hand and leads you to what he's talking about. He has sweet names for each of his siblings and has quite a special relationship with each of them. He and Titan have a fun time together. Titan loves being the big brother, being in charge and teaching Jett things. I love when the two of them disappear and I hear them playing and laughing. Quinn, Rex and Myla are huge helpers with their favorite baby brother. They each play a big role in helping him out every day. Myla, while giggling, changed Jett's diaper for me the other day. Jett delights in all of his sibling relationships.

His giddiest time of the day though is when his Daddy arrives home. The moment he hears the keys in the door he shrieks, "Daddy!" and runs right to the door. He's totally joined the Daddy fan club with the rest of us!

Jett knows exactly whats going on and wants to be right in the thick of things. He is already a professional wrestler, is involved in the racing, the jumping, the daddy throwing you onto the couch game. Just this week he has decided that he's done with his high chair and must sit at the table with the rest of us. He knows how to put his jacket and shoes away and must do it on his own just like everyone else. I'm just waiting for the moment that he decides that he's done with his crib.
Jett is so lovey! Regularly he throws his arms out and runs at you saying, "hug, hug!" In the evenings when everyone is ready for bed and we are tellings stories he goes to each of their beds and gives hugs and kiss. Then he usually does somethings crazy and we all erupt into laughter. He has a way of doing that to us, getting us all to laugh... a lot!

I think every stage of my kids little lives so far have been joyful with a little bit of tears. Like every parents I know, we just want time to slow down a little. We just want a few more hours in every day to spend together. A few more moments every day to snuggle, and soak it all in because tomorrow Jett will be two years and one day and if I blink again he will be three. So here is to enjoying those little moments that make your heart want to explode! Those extra bed time hugs! He's to another year with our littlest blessing.

Jett Abell you are a complete joy! We are honored to be your parents!
Happy 2nd Birthday!

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