Saturday, January 24, 2015

Jett's Two!

My baby is TWO TODAY!

I can't even believe those words are coming out of my mouth. How have two years past so quickly? And at the same time, I can barely remember life without Jett Abell.

Jett has definitely blessed our lives in ways that we could not have imagined. Before Jett came Dan and I would have thought we had seen all the different personalities one could imagine. Nope, Jett has brought a whole different flavor to our family. He is spunky, lovey, loud and absolutely hilarious. We also would have thought that before Jett our house was as loud as it could get, we were wrong agin. Jett loves to be heard! Good thing we like a loud and crazy house!
It's a weird feeling that my baby is two. I have always had another baby by now. It has allowed us to fully embrace the stage that our littlest man is in. He is learning new words daily and if we can't figure out what he's asking for he grabs your hand and leads you to what he's talking about. He has sweet names for each of his siblings and has quite a special relationship with each of them. He and Titan have a fun time together. Titan loves being the big brother, being in charge and teaching Jett things. I love when the two of them disappear and I hear them playing and laughing. Quinn, Rex and Myla are huge helpers with their favorite baby brother. They each play a big role in helping him out every day. Myla, while giggling, changed Jett's diaper for me the other day. Jett delights in all of his sibling relationships.

His giddiest time of the day though is when his Daddy arrives home. The moment he hears the keys in the door he shrieks, "Daddy!" and runs right to the door. He's totally joined the Daddy fan club with the rest of us!

Jett knows exactly whats going on and wants to be right in the thick of things. He is already a professional wrestler, is involved in the racing, the jumping, the daddy throwing you onto the couch game. Just this week he has decided that he's done with his high chair and must sit at the table with the rest of us. He knows how to put his jacket and shoes away and must do it on his own just like everyone else. I'm just waiting for the moment that he decides that he's done with his crib.
Jett is so lovey! Regularly he throws his arms out and runs at you saying, "hug, hug!" In the evenings when everyone is ready for bed and we are tellings stories he goes to each of their beds and gives hugs and kiss. Then he usually does somethings crazy and we all erupt into laughter. He has a way of doing that to us, getting us all to laugh... a lot!

I think every stage of my kids little lives so far have been joyful with a little bit of tears. Like every parents I know, we just want time to slow down a little. We just want a few more hours in every day to spend together. A few more moments every day to snuggle, and soak it all in because tomorrow Jett will be two years and one day and if I blink again he will be three. So here is to enjoying those little moments that make your heart want to explode! Those extra bed time hugs! He's to another year with our littlest blessing.

Jett Abell you are a complete joy! We are honored to be your parents!
Happy 2nd Birthday!

Saturday, November 8, 2014


A lot has changed over the last five years.
I no longer have three in diapers, I'm down to one. I buy significantly more food than I did five years ago, I'm not sure what I'm going to do when they are teenagers. I no longer have to buckle everyone into their car seats, my big three can do it all on their own. I don't carry any infant carriers, I was a pro at carrying two at once while holding my little Quinn's hand.
One thing has not changed though, my heart still explodes with love and I am still in awe that the Lord gave me two blessings at once. I screamed with joy and shock in the ultrasound room when they told me there were two babies. And today our house is filled with screams of joy constantly, we do not have a quiet house!
Five means that they are no longer babies, they are no longer toddlers, they are kids. Big kids with huge personalities, opinions, attitudes and they are so delightful! Five means that I no longer buy their clothes according to the months or years they are, they've moved up to XS and Small, and let's be honest, sometimes Medium. Rex is getting to be a giant.
Five means that can use a sharp knife and cut of fruits and vegetables for me. It means they can help makes eggs and toast for breakfast. They are both so helpful with their siblings and are so sweet to them.
Five means that they are learning to read, doing amazing in math, and totally dominating their memory verses for the Awana program at church each week. It has been so fun to see them soak up everything that is put in front of them.
They are so wonderful to be around.
That doesn't mean that there are never days that we all just want to scream. We have those around here.
Those days that we just need an extra hug. Myla is the Queen of tight hugs. She wraps her arms around your neck so tight. I love hugs from my little lady.
And Rex keeps up laughing on those tough days. He is a complete goof ball.
It's amazing how much they have grown and flourished in the blink of an eye.
Rex is still completely a daddy lover. Everything he does throughout the day he is thinking of how he can share it with his daddy. Every picture he colors, every cookie we make, every time we do something he cannot wait to give his daddy something, or tell him a story. He is a master artist, a dominating soccer player, an expert bug finder. Rex has the unique treasure finding ability. He can spot the smallest treasure hidden in the dirt on a walk. He my go to guy when I've dropped a small screw or part of a toy. He's got eyes like a hawk. Rex really enjoyed soccer this year. He had several goals. He has the best form in his baseball swing according to Dan, and the best basketball shot. He's still my early morning buddy. I love that time with him in the morning before everyone else is awake.
Myla is about as girly as you can get on the outside but can definitely hold her own in a wrestling match in this house! She is the Queen of hugs, as I mentioned before. She is also the Queen of thoughtfulness. She is always thinking of other people and things to give them, make for them. Myla knows just the right moment to give me a compliment or a word of encouragement. She and I love getting girl time to do our nails, go get coffee, play doll house. She is usually the first to stop and help Jett or Ty if they need something. She loves to help me in the kitchen. She is a big daddy's girl. She cannot wait to give her daddy huge hugs when he gets home and is always on his team in a wrestling match. She did AMAZING at soccer. She didn't score a goal but had the most upbeat attitude about it and was thrilled for Rex when he did. She surprised us with he aggressiveness throughout the season. She was so excited to get to be on a team. She is a perfect girl to have four brothers.
 These two still make my heart scream with joy!
I have loved every minute of the last five years (and two months....). I cannot get enough of these two kids. Delighted to be their momma.


Sunday, October 5, 2014

Summer at a Glance

Summer is long over. We have turned our heat on and on Saturday we almost froze to death at the kids soccer games. I believe that, "We should not even be outside in weather like this," were some of the words that came out of Myla's mouth. I totally agree! And although I love the fall, jumping in the leaves, burning candles, exploring the pumpkin patch, I can't help but look back at these pictures longingly.
This summer was one of the best. It seems like every moment gets sweeter and every year there are many more things to experience. And even though I have no desire for time to go any faster, every stage seems to be a beautiful one. With only the little Jett man napping on a regular basis I didn't feel like we were completely tied to nap time. We could stay at the pool a little longer, play at the park for a few more minutes, pull one more person on the tube.
We enjoyed an amazing trip to Arkansas, a fabulous Rude family vacation in Branson, countless hours at the pool, park, lake, lots of play dates with friends, and five crazy kids that refused to stay still for more than a brief moment.
My parents neighbors shared their water trampoline with us while we were in Arkansas and we spent every waking minute either swimming or tubing off the boat or swimming and jumping off the water trampoline. I'm fairly certain I'm raising fish.
These boys keep me on my toes as they are constantly coming up with new ways to jump, flip, and soar off of things and the water trampoline provided the perfect place to try out all their crazy ideas.
Our four big kids all tried tubing this year and we had to pry them off when their turn was done. Growing up my dad used to love dragging us on the tubes and doing his best to knock us off. I think that these kids will give their Papa a run for his money someday!
And everyone needs a little sand in their pants.
And summer would not be complete without soaking their clothes. I have a hard time saying no to playing in the water even if they don't have swimming suits. There is something so innocent about children running through the sprinkler in their clothes. They don't care and I love that!
Myla's my little dancer.
Bubbles, bubbles, and more bubbles.
I absolutely love the looks on Myla's face and Quinn's face as they laugh at Rex with bubbles in his hair. Oh, they make my heart melt.
We started school the end of August and have a good routine going. I love watching their little minds soak in all that is put in front of them.
Celebrated with 4th with some fabulous friends.
Summer is our favorite. I can't get enough of my sweet family! 
How many days until the pool opens again?